Amazing Brands to Shop for Holiday Gifts for the Dog-Lover in Your Life

This summer, my family took home two precious Boston terrier puppies, Hilda and Magnus, who joined their uncle Horace as new members of the household. It's safe to say that my life has been all puppies, all the time.

Sleepy Hilda and Magnus

Since then, I've also tried more puppy products than you can imagine, from custom dog-themed gifts to accessories, toys and so much more. While some have been pretty forgettable, others are ones I'd recommend to anyone who's pet-obsessed. Curious about my favorites? Keep reading to find out which brands I definitely recommend that you shop this holiday season for the dog-lovers in your life.

Horace on a walk

1. Sweater Hound: $48+

Is there anything cuter than custom clothing featuring your beloved pet? We think not, and Sweater Hound creates custom art of your pet based on your favorite photos before putting them on lovely sweaters, hoodies, lounge pants, pillows, phone cases and so much more. Though they're called Sweater Hound, they're also happy to work with other pets, and the results are always adorable.

Sweater Hounds example photo

(via Sweater Hound)

I'm currently waiting on a custom sweater from the brand myself, featuring the family's big dog, Horace. Based on the art, I think I'm going to be pretty happy with it.

Sweety High Boston Terrier proof

(via Sweater Hound)


2. Poké Pet Shop: $45+

The Poké Pet Shop is all about putting your pets on adorable custom trading cards. Whether you'd like them in the style of Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh! or Magic the Gathering, you can get your pets (or even people) on metal cards or canvases, all with fun text selected by you.

Poké Pet Shop Dagger

(via Poké Pet Shop)

I've actually gone through this process myself, courtesy of the brand. After inputting all of the information, it was a little while before the brand got back to me with mockups of my cards. They looked great, and then it was just a matter of waiting for them.

Hilda and Magnus Poké Pet card mockups

(via Poké Pet Shop)

I ordered both canvases and metal cards, and it was only a couple of weeks after that my canvases arrived. It's tough to tell from the photo, but these 12 x 9-inch canvases are significantly sized. I'm still waiting on the metal cards, and can't wait to see how those turn out, too.

Poké Pet card canvases


3. Zoo Snoods: $15.99+

I live in the Pacific Northwest, where it's very often rainy and chilly, especially this time of year. There aren't tons of great ways to keep dogs' ears warm and toasty, which is why I'm such a big fan of Zoo Snoods. Their animal themes are ridiculously cute, and since they comfortably fit over the neck, head and ears, they're also super warming, too.

Zoo Snoods Bumble Bee

(via Zoo Snoods)


4. EcoKind Gold Yak Dog Chews: $16.95+

These yak cheese chews might not be as fun and adorable as the other items on this list, but they definitely deserve a spot here because your dog will go absolutely wild for them. My pups will chew on these for hours on end, so they're a great way to keep them calm and happy when they've been extra rowdy. They're also great for dogs' teeth and are made using only 100% yak milk, without any other unnecessary ingredients, so they're a healthy treat, too.

Ecokind premium yak chews

(via EcoKind)


5. LAYR: $60

I can't tell you how many dog beds we've gone through with our younger pups, especially because their tendency as little ones was to rip, tear and chew—not to mention accidents and mud from outside. LAYR is a stretchy pet bed cover that goes over your dogs' favorite beds, protecting it from the elements (and your dogs), and thus making your pet bed last way longer. I could have definitely used one of those earlier on, and the fact that they're all super cute makes me love them even more.

Layr the bungalow dog bed cover

(via LAYR)

P.S. The dog in the pic isn't one of my Bostons, but as soon as I saw it, I knew it'd be perfect for my dogs.


6. Sassy Woof (Varies)

Sassy Woof makes some of the cutest dog accessories out there, from bandanas to reversible harnesses, fabric and rope leashes, waste bag holders, collars and more, each in vibrant colors and gorgeous patterns. I'm a big fan of their bundles, which include leashes, harnesses, collars and waste bag holders in modern, immediately eye-catching coordinated patterns.

Sassy Woof Oodles of Doodles

(via Sassy Woof)

I also got one of their Barkday Boxes a while back, and look just how precious Hilda and Magnus look in them! No matter what your pup's style is, you're pretty much guaranteed to find something they'll like at Sassy Woof.

Hilda and Magnus sassy woof harnesses


7. Love Dog Republic: $69.99

Love Dog Republic is the premium luxury subscription box for dog moms and their puppies. Each box contains six to eight items, and the boxes are delivered quarterly, so your pup has something new to look forward to every season. This year's winter box is especially darling and features a picture frame, all kinds of adorable plushes for chewing, doggy treats and cookies, socks for puppies and their pet parents, and more. Each one offers something new, and if you love your dog, you're bound to love this box.

Love Dog Republic holiday box

(via Love Dog Republic)


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