Lauren Taylor & Landry Bender On the Set Of "Best Friends "Whenever"!

The latest episode of SweetBeatTV takes us to the set of Disney Channel's newest series, Best Friends Whenever to get a behind-the-scenes tour from the cast. Watch below to get a taste of the time traveling adventure, and read on to find out about our favorite moments from our time with the stars!

How does Ricky Garcia, who plays Naldo on the show, describe Best Friends Whenever in one word? "Time travel best friend." Because you're allowed to break all of the rules when it comes to time travel.

ricky garcia as naldo best friends whenever time travely best friend

Matthew and Benjamin Royer are our new favorite twins, hands down.

best friends whenever bret and chet matthew and benjamin royer

Gus Kamp walks us through his character, Barry's, lab camper. We LOVE watching some science go down.

barrys lab science camper best friends whenever disney channel

Landry Bender, who stars as Cyd, plus Ricky AND Gus all revealed their summer playlists consist of "Sweet Little Something" by Forever In Your Mind. In case you didn't know, Ricky's in the band!

Landry: "I fall a lot"

landry bender best friends whenever i fall a lot

Benjamin Royer would love to travel back in time to change an F he got in school into an A+. Us too, Benjamin. Us too.

benjamin royer best friends whenever time travel grades

Lauren Taylor, who plays Shelby, says "Best Friend" by Foster the People perfectly describes her relationship with her BFF. Is it possible to not be in love with that song?

lauren taylor best friends whenever foster the people

Have you tuned into Best Friends Whenever yet? Catch it on the Disney Channel on Sunday nights at 8:30! Also be sure to share your thoughts on the episode with us in the comments below.