These Galentine's Day Gift Ideas Are So Cute, You'll Want to Keep 'Em for Yourself

There's not a day when we don't think about how much our best gal pals mean to us—but it's especially wonderful to have an official day to honor them: Feb. 13.

Like, if you think we're sitting here stressin' over the day that follows, guess again! The only day that matters in our minds is Galentine's Day.

That said, the best way to show our gratitude to the gals who we're grateful for most, is by giving them a little something in celebration of the special day.

Keep scrolling for Galentine's Day gifts that are so cute, you'll want to keep 'em for yourself!

Bouquet Bar Personalized Gift Box (2 Gifts): $49

If your friend is a fan of decadence, she'll love a personalized box from Bouquet Bar, a favorite of celebrities, including Kim Kardashian and DJ Khaled. With a plethora of options ranging from chocolates and roses, to candles, bath bombs (we highly recommend the ultra-feminine Princess Bath Bomb) and more, the company will make sure your pal receives their signature bright orange gift box with items you select based on what they love—and you won't have to pay for shipping! While we suggest the two-gift box because it's the most affordable, if you feel like splurging, you can go up to three gifts, six gifts or get the designated Valentine's Day box with pre-selected items special for the holiday.

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Sara Happ Dream Slip Night Cream: $34

Whether your gal pal has someone to pucker up to on Feb. 14 or not, she'll absolutely appreciate a little TLC for her lips! And Sara Happ's Dream Slip overnight cream, made solely for your smackers, is the perfect beauty buy that will make her feel confident, regardless of her relationship status. Packed with jojoba and sweet almond oil, this luxe solution will make her feel like a pampered princess.

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Yoobi Turntable Journal: $7

For the music-loving, expressive BFF, this 80-page, retro-inspired turntable journal from Yoobi is not only shaded in what screams Galentine's Day, but you can never have too many journals. It's almost a given that she'll love this.


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Crystal Hearts Liquid Matte Lipstick in Dahlia: $16

Galentine's Day is all about rockin' the red, and this bold lip stain from Crystal Hearts is just what'll get the job done. Pair it with a dramatic cat eye, and your pal will look like the ultimate boss.

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Beauty Bakerie Scoops Élysées Face and Body Palette: $38

Paris is the City of Love, and this feminine, multi-use palette from Beauty Bakerie was inspired by the founder's trip to a café on the Champs-Élysées. The bright, four-shade collection is a combo of blush, highlighter and eyeshadow, and it's perfect for your makeup-loving gal pal.

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Spongellé Brilliant Tuberose Shimmer Buffer: $20

If your bestie is super girlie, she will love this buffer from one of our fave brands, Spongellé. The Brilliant Tuberose Shimmer Buffer not only exfoliates the whole body, but the buffer's infused notes of cinnamon, ginger, sweet clove, citrus and tuberose are the perfect combo for the ultimate feminine scent she'll be covered in after her rinse. Complete with pink, white and gold packaging, this is the Galentine's Day gift you need. Added bonus? She'll get at least 15 uses of the product. Bye, bye shower gel!

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Zaxie Stack It Up Ring Set in Rose Gold: $17

What goes better with roses than rose gold, amirite? We are absolutely obsessed with this stackable set from Zaxie. Complete with six differently designed rings, the collection can be worn all on one finger for a snazzier style, or individually for something a bit more subtle. Either way, we really can't think of any of our girlfriends who would turn away from this pick!


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Pinrose Intention Scenting Kit: $50

We're all about setting intentions here at Sweety High, and adorable beauty brand Pinrose took things a step further by creating an intention scenting kit, pairing actual fragrances with goals and visions for the future. We all have things we want to achieve, and your pal is no exception, so she's sure to appreciate this thoughtful purchase. While the set is a little on the spend-y side, it comes with a lot—including nine rollerball perfumes. Best part? It can totally be enjoyed with a pal, so consider setting inscentions your next slumber party activity.

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Clutch Nails Temporary Acrylic Set in Sugar Baby: $16.99

Glue-on nails are all the rage right now, and these coffin-shaped sparkly selects from Clutch Nails will make your BFF's hands stand out in the best way possible on Galentine's Day. Covered with holographic glitter and a beautiful pink-to-white ombré color, she'll thank you for making her look like the coolest gal pal in town. 


MakeUp Eraser BFF Set: $30

Ah, a gift you can both enjoy—at the same time! MakeUp Eraser is not only an easy-to-use cloth that simply requires a few dabs of H20 to remove those tough, waterproof makeup products, but it's also available in a package of two, designed just for you and your BFF. We think this idea is genius, even for just the packaging alone!

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Pearl Gemstone Perfume Oil by Sage: $45

Your bestie will thank you for this easy gift she can transport with her anywhere. Complete with notes of sandalwood, fresh musk and warm vanilla, this handy roll-on perfume is subtle enough for the classroom, yet still noticeable enough if she wants a signature scent. We had the pleasure of meeting the company's founder, Sage Machado, last week at Indie Beauty Expo in Los Angeles, and she said her teenage daughter and her friends wear the aromas on the reg. Made with actual pearl gemstone, gifting your gal pal this gift is a way to tell her she shines.


Crystal Hills Organics Crystal Love Body Serum: $58

We've written about this product in the past, but with Galentine's Day nearing, it only makes sense we include it on this list. Crystal Hills' Crystal Love Body Serum is perfect for literally anyone, because who doesn'want a hydrating product that also attracts love and positivity—especially on this holiday? Your pal will be more than appreciative about the good vibes you're sending her way.


Pinrose Petal Valentines: $15

We've seen some creative Valentines in our day, but this five-piece set from Pinrose is of the utmost elegance. Complete with a fragrance sachet in each card, you can totally tell your pal these were scent with love. Perfect for the BFF who may as well be your S.O., these cards are packed with lovey-dovey greetings only your bestie will truly appreciate.

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