Cute Galentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Friends

Whether you plan on celebrating Feb. 14 with a special someone or not, it's time to commemorate more than just the romantic love in your life.

We're talking, of course, about your Galentines, the girls (or guys—no reason they can't get some platonic love as well) who always have your back no matter what your relationship status may be. If you plan on incorporating some gift-giving into your Galentine's Day celebrations, we've got the perfect gift guide for you here:

A Personalized Mug From Etsy: $10+

Custom gifts are the best gifts, which is why we're starting off strong with this personalized mug that allows you to select the right hair color, outfit and even drink choice for both you and your bestie.

Etsy Her2ndChance personalized best friend mug

(via Etsy/Her2ndChance)


A 'Friendship'-Infused Candle for Your Friends-Loving Friend: $12.80+

For the big-time Friends fan in your life, get a Galentine's gift they'll never forget (even after they've burned the actual candle down to the base of the wick).

Etsy WaxOnFire friends scented candle

(via Etsy/WaxOnFire)


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A Skincare Headband: Five for $9

Got a few Galentines you're gifting for? Get them each a must-have, super-soft bow headband to simpify their skincare routines.

teenitor bow headbands

(via Amazon)


A Custom Tote Bag: $4.45+

Whether you stick with initials or want to write something more, these tote bags make for another great Galentine's group gift.

etsy bymuya custom tote bag

(via Etsy/bymuya)


An Adorable Keychain That We Pinky Promise They'll Love: $12.69

Have a Galentine who always has your back and would never tell your secrets? They deserve this pinky promise keychain, which includes one for you as well as your bestie as a symbol of your friendship.

korotho pinky promise keychains

(via Amazon)


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A DIY Gift: Free (or Free-ish)

Don't have the cash to spend on your bestie(s) this Galentine's Day? No problem! Print them out a favorite photo of you (you can even pick up a frame from your nearest dollar store to add an extra special touch), paint them a picture or even host a rom-com movie marathon as your gift to your Galentines.

unsplash hand wrapped beautiful gift

(via Unsplash)


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