These Incredible Items Make Perfect Gifts for Every The Addams Family Fan

With the iconic The Addams Family movies newly on Netflix and the new series Wednesday about to drop, it's never been a better time to be a fan of the classic franchise.

Chances are that you know someone who'very excited to see their favorite family back on their screens, and with the holidays right around the corner, why not gift them something that's mysterious, spooky and altogether kooky? We've made the process easy by rounding up the best The Addams Family gifts from around the web, so all you have to do is add them to your cart.

DiDiSensei Hand-Sized 3D Printed Thing: $24.79

Thing T. Thing is the most beloved disembodied hand we know, and a signature symbol of The Addams Family, so why not gift your favorite fan a Thing of their own? This 3D-printed hand from DiDiSensei on Etsy comes in loads of colors and is perfect for displaying everything from watches and bracelets to rings, and is also just the thing (no pun intended) for standing out as a memorable piece of decor.

DiDiSensei Hand-Sized 3D Printed Thing

(via DiDiSensei/Etsy)


The Addams Family Headless Plush Doll: $19.92

Marie Antoinette was the name of Wednesday Addams' favorite headless doll, and we love this cute plush interpretation from Hot Topic. If you know someone who'd also love to tote around a slightly edgy beheaded figure, you know where to buy it.

The Addams Family Headless Plush Doll

(via Hot Topic)


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Sammy Gorin Art Debbie's Final Speech Sticker: $4

Even though serial killer and black widow Debbie Jelinsky only appeared in Addams Family Values, she left quite an impact with her bold sense of style and unhinged approach to marriage. This cute vinyl sticker from Sammy Gorin Art doesn't just include her image, but the last words she uttered before she met her death.

Sammy Gorin Art Debbies Final Speech Sticker

(via Sammy Gorin Art)


TheCuriousRabbitCo Cousin Itt Polymer Clay Earrings: $16

Walking furball Cousin Itt is another fan-favorite character, and these handmade Polymer Clay Earrings are his perfect likeness. They feature his favorite bowler hat and sunglasses, but are lightweight, so they won't tug on any earlobes.

TheCuriousRabbitCo Cousin Itt Polymer Clay Earrings

(via TheCuriousRabbitCo/Etsy)


Spoonflower Addams Family Print Fabric: $19 per yard

Know a crafty fan who loves making their own items at home? This Addams Family Print Fabric from Spoonflower is adorned with the faces of the OG Addams family in a muted black and white print that looks subtle from a distance, but has all kinds of detail close-up. Whether they'd want to make pillows, plushes, comforters or anything else, this print has that fan's name all over it.

Spoonflower Addams Print Fabric

(via Spoonflower)


Nemesiss Custom Wooden Coffin-Shaped Sign: $29.99

For the whole family of fans, there's this cute coffin-shaped sign from Nemesiss. In addition to including the lines from The Addams Family's classic theme song, it's got some great, horror-themed graphics and even comes custom with the family's name at the bottom. While the image below is styled for Halloween, we honestly think this one deserves to stay up all year long.

Nemesiss Custom Wooden Coffin-Shaped Sign

(via Nemesiss)


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KikoIlustrador Addams Family Home Papercraft Model: $29.60

Here's another fabulous gift for the DIYers out there. The model is printed on high-quality paper and comes with instructions so that it can be put together with nothing but scissors, glue and some handiwork. The fan in your life will love building this stunning home from scratch, and the results are truly phenomenal.

KikoIlustrador Addams Family Home Papercraft Model

(via KikoIlustrador/Etsy)


AuroradesignNY Cara Mia/Mon Cher Morticia and Gomez T-Shirts: $10.67+

For the couple as lovey-dovey as Morticia and Gomez Addams, these cute shirts from AuroradesignNYC make the perfect gift. They come in all kinds of colors, with both black and white print options, featuring the loving Addams parents, and with customizable print underneath. We especially adore the "cara mia" and "mon cher" text for his and hers tees.

AuroradesignNY Cara Mia/Mon Cher Morticia and Gomez T-Shirts

(via AuroradesignNY)


Uncommon Goods Rechargeable Cordless Magic Light Bulb: $40

Know someone who'd love to replicate the Uncle Fester lightbulb gag? This USB-rechargeable bulb is completely cordless, so it can be held in the mouth to recreate the character's signature look.

Uncommon Goods Rechargeable Cordless Magic Light Bulb

(via Uncommon Goods)


CleaverandBlade Saint Wednesday Candle: $15

Candles always make great gifts, but that's especially true when they're as cool as this one from CleaverandBlade on Etsy. It features an incredible-looking artistic rendering of Christina Ricci as Wednesday, plus Thing and a human skill for good measure.

CleaverandBlade Saint Wednesday Candle

(via CleaverandBlade/Etsyq)


ThatsoSCRUNCHIE Addams Family Zipper Pouch: $10+

We don't know anyone who can't make use of a handy zipper pouch, and this one from ThatsoSCRUNCHIE on Etsy comes in two awesome Addams Family-inspired design options while being cute as well as practical. Whether your giftee uses it for storing makeup, school supplies or anything else, it'll definitely come in handy.

ThatsoSCRUNCHIE Addams Family Zipper Pouch

(via ThatssoSCRUNCHIE/Etsy)


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Beerug We Gladly Feast on Those Who Would Subdue Us Doormat: $29

Last, but certainly not least, is this Beerug doormat reading the family motto, "We gladly feast on those who would subdue us"—or "Sir gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc" in Latin. It features a cute image of the fam, and lets visitors know someone means business before they even enter their home.

Beerug We Gladly Feast on Those Who Would Subdue Us Doormat

(via Beerug)


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