The Best Gifts for the Aquarius in Your Life

If things have felt a little more whimsical in life lately, you can thank one little thing: Aquarius season.

That's right—on Jan. 20, we officially kissed goodbye to hardworking, head-down Capricorn season and waved hello to our mysterious, head-in-the-clouds Aquarians. If you're lucky enough to have an Aquarius in your life (it is the rarest sign, so you should feel pretty special), you'll no doubt be needing to get them a birthday gift soon.

But even if you're reading this post months later, and simply need to shop for a gift for your Aquarian friend for a different occasion, you'll surely find exactly what you're looking for on this list of the best gifts for the Aquarius in your life:

This Crystal-Infused Zodiac Nail Polish: $18

Aquarians can change their mood like the wind, and that can often lead them to want to switch up their style—even if it's in a subtle way, like changing their nail polish color every other day. That's what makes this zodiac-inspired nail polish the perfect gift, especially as no Aquarius can resist the lush metallic tone of this silvery shade.

Uncommon Goods Crystal Infused Zodiac nail polish

(via Uncommon Goods)


This All-in-One Gift Set: $23.95

The fact that this gift set costs less than ordering your favorite Chipotle meal to your door truly blows our minds, especially when you consider that it comes packed with everything from healing crystals to a gold-plated necklace and even the cutest-ever succulent candle.

Dancing Bear aquarius crystal set

(via Amazon)


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A Dream Decoder Deck: $16.95

Aquarius is a sign known for its dreamy overall demeanor, so what could be a better gift for the Aquarian in your life than this dream decoder deck from Uncommon Goods? Let them get lost in their dreams without bugging you the next day, trying to tell you every little detail.

Uncommon Goods dream decoder deck

(via Uncommon Goods)


This Ultra-Edgy Oversized Tee: $28+

Give them a gift that helps them retire that ratty old band T-shirt you've seen them sporting a few too many times with this shirt from Etsy, which is perfectly printed with the most gorgeously abstract of images.

Etsy JadeAndRoseShop Aquarius tee

(via Etsy/JadeAndRoseShop)


This Coloring Book: $12.79

Speaking of abstract images, you can help them keep their mind busy when they need a healthy distraction from the world with this whimsical adult coloring book. It may not be Aquarius-themed, but it's the perfect gift nonetheless for the effect it will surely have.

Enchanted whimsical coloring book

(via Amazon)


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This Color-Changing Mug: $12

For the coffee or tea-chugging Aquarius you know (which we know they probably are, as we'd be hard-pressed to point out an Aquarius who doesn'have at least a mild caffeine addiction), get them this gorgeous mug from Amazon. It reveals a design that shows their constellation and some descriptors when a warm beverage is poured in, which we can't help but think is the perfect reflection of the most mysterious sign in the zodiac.

Okuna Outpost color changing aquarius mug

(via Amazon)


When it comes to Aquarians, a little goes a long way so long as that "little" means a lot—and these gifts sure do just that. Need a few more ideas to add to your shopping list? Click HERE to check out our list of the best astrology-themed gifts.