The Best Gifts for Anyone Who Works From Home

"Working from home" feels like something that was rarely mentioned before 2020, but these days plenty of job seekers won't even look twice at an opening if it doesn't offer remote work as a possibility.

But while the WFH lifestyle may sound like the ideal setup, it doesn't come without a few downsides. From cramped workspaces to easy distractions and everything in between, there are still some challenges to life outside of an office environment.

Thankfully, though, there are plenty of products out there these days that can make life a little easier (or just downright more enjoyable) for the remote workers amongst us. If you find yourself shopping for someone who works from home, guarantee that you get them the best gift ever by giving them something from our list below.

This Portable, Laptop-Friendly Ring Light: $20

For the remote worker who spends more time staring at themselves during Zoom calls than at the person actually speaking, make sure they always look their best with a clip-on ring light.

Cyezcor ring light for video calls

(via Amazon)


This Lap Desk for Lazy Days 'At Work': $169

This luxe and ultra-comfy lap desk is designed for heavy-duty use, making it perfect for gaming with a keyboard and mouse or those days when they just can't get off the couch to get their laptop work done.

nerdytec couchmaster

(via nerdytec)


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This Clear Acrylic Dry Erase Board: $25

Help them stay organized with this ultimate piece of desk décor, which adds a chic touch while keeping them on track with their tasks for the day.

TSJ store clear dry erase board

(via Amazon)


This Scented Therapy Dough: $15

Infused with essential oils to promote stress relief, this therapy dough is perfect for the at-home worker who needs a healthy distraction to keep their stress at bay.

analu therapy dough

(via Uncommon Goods)


A Living Piece of Desk Décor: $38+

Liven up their living space (that also happens to be their workspace) with the cutest of easy-care plants: a snake plant. This one from The Sill is a great pick, but you can go with just about any indoor-friendly plant you can find for this gift.

the sill snake plant

(via The Sill)


This Work Wellness Deck: $18.95

Filled with easy prompts that help to banish burnout, these cards are the perfect pick for any remote worker who needs a quick and simple way to relax at the start of their workday (or any time they need, really).

the work wellness deck

(via Amazon)


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An Essential Oil Diffuser: $19

Essential oil diffusers make for great gifts all around, but especially for people who work from home. This one, in particular, comes with an adjustable mist mode, as well as a waterless shut-off setting so that they can't forget to turn it off even during a day full of meetings.

urpower essential owl diffuer

(via Amazon)


No commute required, these WFH gifts are sure to impress the remote worker you know. But if they happen to be big into working out on their lunch breaks, then you might want to also click HERE to check out list of the perfect gifts for girls who love working out.