The Perfect Gifts for Supernatural Fans

Even if the Supernatural finale left a bad taste in fans' mouths, that doesn't negate the love the SPN fandom shared for the series over its 15 seasons—and more than two years after it ended, we're still seeing the effect it had on people.

You just can't erase the impact of the series, and the Winchester brothers (and the angel Castiel, of course) remain some of the most beloved characters of all time, with unbeatable dynamics made even stronger by the show's powerful lore and ever-expanding mythology. And do we even have to mention the memes? There's a reason the fandom still exists today, and whether you're shopping for a little something for yourself or getting a gift for the biggest Supernatural fan in your life, here's where to start.

Supernatural: The Official Advent Calendar: $29.99

Why gift just one Supernatural present when you can share 25 days' worth of goodies in the form of this official advent calendar? Even though it's designed to be opened in the days leading up to Christmas, you can really gift this selection of more than 25 collectible pieces any time of year, with photos of memorable scenes, recipe cards, tin buttons and more making it more exciting each and every day.

Supernatural: The Official Advent Calendar

(via Simon & Schuster)


Stainless Steel Supernatural Tumbler: $28.99

The Winchester Brothers may not actually have a company you can hire to exterminate evil forces, but that doesn't mean you can't rock their logo on this stunning tumbler from TheCaliPrintShopUS. It's custom-engraved with a double-walled stainless steel interior, complete with a stainless steel straw, making it perfect for staying hydrated on your own hunts.

Stainless Steel Supernatural Tumbler

(via Etsy/TheCaliPrintShopUS)


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CE Craft Smells Like Dean Candle: $18+

While Dean isn'everyone'favorite Supernatural character, he certainly comes close to it, and if you know someone who's always adored him, this Smells Like Dean Candle from CE Craft is just for them. It's scented with mahogany teakwood, cedar and oak, with notes of lavender and geranium, to create a masculine, woodsy scent that screams Dean when it's lit.

CE Craft Smells Like Dean Candle

(via CE Craft)


Greenlight Hollywood 1967 Chevy Impala 1/64 Diecast Model: $15.99

And you really can't talk about Dean without mentioning his 1967 Chevrolet Impala, aka Baby, who's essentially a character in herself. This diecast model of the car is officially licensed and designed to look just like Baby, making it a great addition to any Supernatural fan's collection.

Greenlight 1967 Chevy Impala 1/64 Diecast Model

(via DMW)


'Carry On My Wayward Son' Vintage Sweatshirt: $29.69+

Kansas's 1976 hit "Carry On My Wayward Son" is basically the theme song of Supernatural, being used to close out every season of the show, and we love the way it's represented on this "vintage" sweatshirt from DimoDecor on Etsy. Everything from the font choice to the depiction of Baby and the color scheme feels just right, and the distressing gives it a vintage vibe fans will love.

Carry On My Wayward Son Vintage Sweatshirt

(via Etsy/DimoDecor)


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Sam and Dean's Adventures: $13

Many fans are happiest when they get the chance to share and spread their fandom with the world, and Sam and Dean's Adventures from MyFirstFandom was made with them in mind. It's a board book introducing the characters of Supernatural and geared toward young children, making the fandom accessible to all ages—and the real show can come when they're older!

My First Fandom: Sam and Deans Adventures

(via Etsy/MyFirstFandom)


It's Canon! (en español) Tote Bag: $17.32+

Destiel fans may not have gotten what they wanted with the way Supernatural ended—at least in the original English version. In the Spanish dub, Dean confesses that he reciprocates Castiel's love for him, making the ship official in at least one language, and this lightweight cotton tote exists to recognize that love.

It's Canon! (en español) Tote Bag

(via Redbubble)


Destiel Wings and Handprint Mug: $16.25

And to go even further with the ship, this striking mug from TheFandomFaerie combines Castiel's angel wings with his handprint, scarred onto Dean's shoulder, to represent their relationship. If you know, you know.

Destiel Wings and Handprint Mug

(via Etsy/TheFandomFaerie)


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Supernatural: The Official Cookbook: $29.99

Food also plays a big role over the years of Supernatural, and this official cookbook is designed to help anyone, from beginners to experts, recreate iconic dishes from the series. Of course, diner food features heavily—and it wouldn't be complete without pie.

Supernatural: The Official Cookbook

(via Simon & Schuster)


Supernatural Pie T-Shirt: $28.90

Speaking of pie, here's a great tee for anyone who loves Supernatural as much as Dean Winchester loves pie. Not only is this 100% cotton shirt super soft and lightweight, but it also makes us chuckle, because when there's pie involved, nothing else matters.

Supernatural Pie T-Shirt

(via BoxLunch)


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