The Best Gifts for Your Taurus Bestie

In our book, Taurus is one of the most underrated signs there is—especially in terms of having them as a friend.

Loving, luxurious and appreciative of all things "cozy," Taurus is the sign that belongs to anyone born between April 20 and May 21. It's also a sign that deserves some celebrating, whether during their season or not. So, whether you're preparing to celebrate your Taurus bestie for their birthday, graduation or any other event worth giving a gift at, you can ensure you please them (and meet their high standards) with one of the presents below.

This Simple Yet Standout Bracelet: $25

Show some love for your dedicated yet down-to-Earth bestie with this sweet and simple bracelet, which is as adorable as it is perfectly suited to the colors of this Earth sign.

little words project taurus bracelet

(via Little Words Project)


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The Ultimate Cozy Knit Blanket: $199

If you're willing to splurge a bit, you simply can't find a better gift for a comfort-loving Taurus than this weighted knit blanket from Nuzzie. Available in a variety of colors, this blanket is more than just cozy—the weighted design helps soothe anxiety and promotes those warm (pun intended) fuzzy feelings Tauruses love so much.

nuzzle knit weighted blanket

(via Nuzzle)


This Dupe for the Most Luxurious Perfume: $29

If under $30 is a little more in your gift-shopping budget, you'll want to add this item to your cart immediately. Dossier's "Ambery Vanilla" perfume is the ideal dupe of a much more expensive option, as it's inspired by YSL's famous Black Opium scent.

dossier ambery vanilla

(via Dossier)


This Luxe Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette: $45

It's hard to ever go wrong with a gift from Tarte, especially when it comes to their palettes. Crafted with some of the most subtle yet bold shades, the selection of colors in Tarte's In Bloom eyeshadow palette is sure to please any Taurus out there (it is full of Earth tones, after all).

tartelette in bloom amazonian clay palette

(via Tarte Cosmetics)


A Set of Satin Pillowcases: $19

If there's one thing you know about your Taurus bestie, it's that they love to nap. We're not sure why these Earth signs tend to be so sleepy, but we do know that they'll surely appreciate it when their hair and skin stay well-protected during even the deepest of sleeps with one of these satin pillowcases from Kitsch.

kitch satin pillowcase

(via Kitsch)


A Chunky Taurus Symbol Ring: $75

Sure, anyone can gift a piece of jewelry that wields a zodiac charm, and there's nothing wrong with that. But a ring with a big, bold Taurus symbol? Now that adds the perfect touch that any luxe-loving Taurus is sure to appreciate—especially since it's made from tarnish-free stainless steel.

STUDIOCULT taurus ring



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This Terrifically Taurus-Themed Wellness Journal: $35

Want to give your Taurus bestie the kind of gift that keeps on giving? It's hard to do any better than this wellness journal from Papier. Not only is it exquisitely gorgeous from the outside, but the inside is also packed with prompts to get your friend's mind going in all the best of ways.

Papier Taurus Wellness Journal

(via Papier)


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