The 6 Best Gifts for Your Taurus Boyfriend

If you're lucky enough to be dating a Taurus guy, you know that these earth signs are big on gifts.

They love to give, but they really love to receive—so what do you do when it's your turn to get them a gift? While it's true that these stubborn bulls of the zodiac can be hard to impress, getting the perfect gift for your Taurus boyfriend isn't impossible. In fact, with our help, it might just be as easy as every Taurus's ideal Sunday (they are known for being laidback, after all). So, get your wallet ready because we have put together the only guide you'll need when you need to get a gift for your Taurus bf:

A Sleek Black Leather Bracelet: $45

Tauruses love a bit of luxury, but they also like to keep things simple. That's what makes this simple black skinny braid bracelet from Fossil the perfect gift, as it helps him add the perfect touch to his outfit without going overboard on the accessories.

Fossil black skinny braid bracelet

(via Fossil)


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This All-in-One Self-Care Kit: $69

It's time we start showing some more self-care love for the men in our lives, and no one gets that better than a Taurus. This earth sign is known for its appreciation for relaxation, and this kit from Etsy will help them do just that with all the necessities for a self-care night built right in.

Etsy DancingTurtleShop Mens self-care kit

(via Etsy/DancingTurtleShop)


This Ultra-Cozy Blanket That's Big Enough for Both of You: $159

"Cozy" is one of Taurus's favorite words, and nothing is quite as cozy as this truly massive blanket that was basically designed to create the perfect movie night on the couch. Oh, and did we mention that it's made with temperature-regulating fabric, which means that your boyfriend can't complain that he's overheating while you try to cuddle? Yeah, it's kind of a win-win gift for both of you.

Big Blanket Co. Navy blanket

(via Big Blanket Co.)


An Absolutely Perfect Grilling Pan: $36

Tauruses love food, so help him make the best meals right from home with this nonstick grill pan. It's super versatile, making it a great gift for omnivorous and plant-based boyfriends alike, and it's extremely easy to clean when he's feeling lazy after eating all that food.

Sensarte Store Grill Pan

(via Amazon)


A Taurus-Themed Baseball Cap: $18.90

If your boyfriend is almost never seen without a hat on his head and is wise enough to have his whole birth chart memorized, help him show off his Taurus pride with this perfectly simple Taurus baseball cap. The best part? It goes with almost any outfit, so he won't have to worry about matching when he's still pressing snooze in the morning before getting ready.

Kangqifen gold taurus cap

(via Amazon)


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A Book That Will Teach Him How to Get Rich: $10

Because being rich really is the greatest dream of every Taurus out there, why not get him the gift that teaches him how to be just that? This book from Amazon is packed with 27 "million dollar habits" to help the reader crack the code to wealth, from achieving financial freedom to becoming truly happy.

Million Dollar Habits Book Cover

(via Amazon)


With an option for every type of Taurus boyfriend out there, we think you're set with a solid jumping-off point for purchasing the perfect gift. But if you do need some more ideas (ones that are great for any Taurus you know, not just the boyfriend kind), click HERE for our list of the best gifts for your Taurus bestie.