All the Best Gifts for Your Travel-Obsessed Bestie

No matter where in the world you are, it seems like we all have at least one friend who just can't seem to stay in one place for too long. Or, even if they can't afford to travel that much just yet, their room is plastered with pictures and postcards of the far-off places they want to see one day.

And whether you've caught the travel bug as badly as they have or not,  the time will come when you need to buy them a gift. So, why not get them one that helps them live out their world traveler dreams? No need to hire a travel agent for this one, just check out our list of the best gifts for your totally travel-obsessed bestie below.

This Hanging Toiletry Bag: $24

If your bestie is equally as obsessed with makeup and skincare as they are travel, then they'll truly appreciate this do-it-all toiletries bag. Not only are there enough compartments to stow everything away neatly, but the entire bag can be unfolded and easily hung up for convenient access and storage.

bagsmart travel bag

(via Amazon)


This Couldn't-Be-Any-Cuter Contact Lens Case: $10

Make sure your bestie can actually see how beautiful their destination is by helping them keep all their contacts and contact lens accessories stowed where they need to be. Even better? It's so cute to look at that it could easily be mistaken for a jewelry case.

eyelov contact lens travel case

(via Amazon)


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A Personalized Passport Cover: $7.75+

A passport cover is a necessity for anyone who travels abroad, so why not help your bestie keep theirs safe in style with a personalized cover like this one from Etsy?

etsy srcshopco passport holder

(via Etsy/SRCshopCo)


This Travel-Friendly Blanket: $29.95

Is your friend always complaining about being cold on planes (or just being cold in general)? Keep them cozy while traveling, no matter what the distance, with this packable cozy blanket from Amazon.

eversnug travel blanket and pillow

(via Amazon)


This Revolutionary Neck Pillow: $50

Some people are blessed with the ability to fall asleep in just about any setting. If your bestie is not so lucky as to fall into that category, though, then they'll surely appreciate the gift of this ultra-soft and supportive neck pillow from Cabeau. It packs up easily and even attaches to the seat with a strap, meaning your friend may actually be able to catch some much-needed sleep on their next flight. So, if you're searching for the perfect gift for your friend who seems to be addicted to filling their passport with stamps, look no further.

cabaeu neck evolution pillow

(via Cabeau)


This Set of Makeup Must-Haves: $32

They won't need to worry about packing their eight favorite eye shadow palettes and four favorite mascaras with this gift, which comes with two best-selling products from Tarte in travel-friendly sizes.

tarte cosmetics tartelette vanity palette

(via Tarte Cosmetics)


A Deck of 'Travel Challenges' Cards: $23.88+

If your friend is the epitome of wanderlust and prefers to go without a plan, this set of travel challenges playing cards from Etsy is the perfect pick. With prompts that range from leaving hidden notes to eating something new, this deck is sure to keep things interesting during your bestie's time away.

etsy travel challenges card deck

(via Etsy/TravelChallengesGift)


This Trendy Yet Functional Belt Bag: $14

Thanks to the rise in popularity of the one you probably already know and love from Lululemon, belt bags (formerly known as fanny packs) are back in style with a vengeance. If you can't quite afford to drop the cash on the Lulu version, though, you can still get your bestie this dupe from Amazon for just $14.

lanul belt bag

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This Personalized Milestones Map: $31.50+

There's a good chance that your travel-obsessed bestie can't stop talking about the cities they've been to, so now let them display it with pride. This personalized print from Etsy features multiple maps with their respective cities inside, allowing your friend to show off the many places they've been without talking your ears off in the process.

etsy customfamilygifts milestone map

(via Etsy/CustomFamilyGifts)


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