The Best Gifts for Your Taurus Girlfriend

There's no sign that likes to be pampered quite like Taurus, as this earth sign has a taste for the finer things in life as much as they do for staying in for a comfy night on the couch.

While they're one of the most down-to-earth signs out there (no pun intended), they can also be quite particular when it comes to their preferences—something you'll no doubt already know if you're lucky enough to be dating one. And although we appreciate Taurus' ability to stand true to their tastes, this can make them somewhat difficult to shop for when you need to find them the perfect gift. Worry not, as we've put together a list of the best gifts to help you please even the pickiest of Taurus girlfriends.

The Fanciest Jar of Perfectly Parisian Jam: $10

Tauruses love hosting, and what better way to host than with a perfectly assembled cheese board? Of course, such a spread wouldn't be complete with a unique and luxurious (two of any Taurus girl's favorite words) jam for spreading on everything from toasts to crackers to cheese and so much more.

Mad Rose Apricot Lavender Preserves

(via Mad Rose Foods)


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A Silk Pillowcase That Will Have Her on Cloud 9: $60

If there's one thing you never want to do, it's disturb the beauty sleep of a Taurus. Instead, get your Taurus girlfriend a gift that not only helps her enjoy her much-needed naps to the fullest but that also promotes healthier skin and hair in the process: a mulberry silk pillowcase from Cloud 9.

Moonlit Skincare Silk Pillowcase

(via Moonlit Skincare)


A Silky Sleep Mask to Go With That Pillowcase: $37.45

While regular sleep masks can be effective, they can also mess with eyelashes or be downright uncomfortable to wear all night. That's why your Taurus girlfriend is sure to love this gorgeous silk version from Blissy, which even comes with a convenient slipcase for easy storage.

Blissy Lavender Sleep Mask

(via Blissy)


This Gorgeous Taurus Art Print to Tastefully Adorn Their Walls: $16.86+

Taurus women have great taste when it comes to home décor (and most other things, really), so get your girlfriend a piece that's sure to please with this aura print from Etsy. Not only will the minimalist design complement the rest of her room well, but she'll also love the descriptors at the bottom that remind her how great she is.

Etsy InouiBoutique Taurus Wall Print

(via Etsy/inouiboutique)


A Pair of Ultra-Cozy Slippers: $17+

We don't need to tell you how much Taurus women love anything cozy, especially when they're in the comfort of their own home. That's why gifts that help them feel as cozy yet cute as possible oftentimes make for the greatest of gifts, which is why we picked this pair of fuzzy memory foam slippers that are sure to make her feel like she's at her own at-home spa.

Ankis Store Fuzzy Slippers

(via Amazon)


This Eco-Friendly Water Bottle: $34

As earth signs, Tauruses can be counted on to feel a special connection with the planet. Because of this, eco-friendly gifts are always much appreciated, and it doesn't get much better than this chic glass and bamboo water bottle from Mayama Wellness.

Mayama Wellness Glass Water Bottle

(via Mayama Wellness)


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This Maniscripting Journal to Help Her Create Her Dream Life: $60

Taurus women have big dreams, but they can sometimes struggle with finding the energy to actually make those dreams a reality. Thankfully, there's a gift that will help them visualize and create the life they want: a Maniscripting Journal. That's right—she can now write down all her manifestations in a perfectly organized journal (that happens to be scientifically backed) instead of just telling you all about them, making this gift a total win-win for both of you.

The Maniscripting Journal

(via Maniscripting)


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