Gluten-Free Cookie Brands You Have to Know in 2023

Food is my love language, and as an Italian-American, finding out my boyfriend has a gluten allergy was earth-shattering.

Initially, I imagined this would make our food options very limited when eating out together. There are definitely not enough gluten-free options for people with celiac, plus shopping gluten-free can often come with a hefty price tag. However, there are a few incredible brands that are taking the initiative to make gluten-free products accessible and delicious go-to snacks. Here's a list of my favorite gluten-free cookies you need to add to your grocery lists.


While the sharks of Shark Tank passed on this ready-to-eat vegan and gluten-free cookie brand, Mark Cuban is definitely regretting it now. Sabeena Ladha, founder of DEUX, makes high-quality raw cookie dough as a healthy alternative to other conventional brands. DEUX products contain added vitamins and supplements because "you shouldn't need to choose between taste and health." Their VDAY pack comes with four of their best-selling products to share—or just keep to yourself.

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Partake is No. 1 when it comes to having the best gluten-free cookie options on the market. The brand is exclusively gluten-free and free of the top nine common food allergens. Founder and CEO Denise Woodard started the brand in hopes of making allergy-friendly foods that anyone can enjoy. Partake also partners with multiple organizations to help provide access to food, education and advocacy to families nationwide.

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Simple Mills

Simple Mills is a huge name in the gluten-free space, and for good reason. The brand works with farmers who use regenerative farming practices to help protect biodiversity and produce in a sustainable way. The company has a huge selection of a variety of cookies to choose from. And for a salty alternative, you can try their Rosemary & Sea Salt almond flour crackers.

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From pancake mixes to cookies to flours, Pamela's is your gluten-free one-stop shop for all your baking and snack needs. Started in 1988, this company creates high-quality-ingredient products without sacrificing taste. I'm especially obsessed with their Honey Graham Crackers—perfect for allergy-free smores!

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