20 Iconic Gorillaz Lyrics to Use as Your Next Instagram Caption

Gorillaz isn't quite like any other band on the planet—and maybe that's what's kept them so relevant for almost 25 years.

The virtual band was formed by Blur singer-songwriter Damon Albarn and visual artist Jamie Hewlett, consisting mostly of four animated fictional characters. Of course, that hasn't stopped them from taking the world by storm with their genre-melding fusion of rock music with hip-hop, electronica and more—and they're even performing at Coachella this year. If you love the group as much as we do, just keep scrolling for 20 of their all-time best lyrics to use as your next Instagram caption.

For when the music moves you, even if it came out before you were born:

"Jump back and forth and feel like you were there yourself."

-"DARE" (featuring Shaun Ryder)

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For when you've been doing TikTok dances all by your lonesome:

"With the holograms beside me, I'll dance alone tonight."

-"Saturnz Barz" (featuring Popcaan)


For when you don't get any rest because you're making your dreams reality:

"My dreams, they've got to kiss me 'cause I don't get to sleep, no."

-"Feel Good Inc."


For remembering to take it easy to carve your own path in life:

"My mama said to slow down, you must make your own shoes."



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For the person who makes any bad day better:

"You are my medicine when you're close to me."

-"On Melancholy Hill"


For remembering the simpler times:

"Remember when I used to dance? Man, all I wanna do is dance."

-"Dirty Harry" (featuring Bootie Brown)


For when you have the world at your fingertips but you're still bored out of your mind:

"A whole lot of everything, but nothin' to do."

-"New Gold" (featuring Tame Impala and Bootie Brown)


For when being born with no rhythm doesn't stop you from dancing your heart out:

"Rhythm, you have it or you don't, that's a fallacy."

-"Clint Eastwood"


For when it's time to take off the fake face you've been wearing all day:

"Gone with the self of the day, gone."

-"Sleeping Powder"


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For that beautiful barrage of heavy raindrops:

"Rain is falling like rhinestones from the sky."

-"Rhinestone Eyes"


For when you're still learning how to accept kind words:

"On another note, compliments make me blush."

-"Momentary Blizz" (featuring slowthai and Slaves)

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For the love that you know will last forever:

"Love forever, love is free. Let's turn forever, you and me."

-"Feel Good Inc."


For sharing a photo with someone who always makes you happy:

"I feel so isolated without you. I can't play a happy tune on my own, so stay by my side, high or low tide."

-"Aries" (featuring Peter Hook and Georgia)


For when it's time to stop bottling it all up:

"When you're keeping everything inside you it can only hurt you."

-"Stop the Dams"


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For when the bad times remind you to remember the good ones:

"When the case is out and tired and sodden, take it in your heart."

-"Andromeda" (featuring DRAM)


For embracing the winter gloom:

"Summer don't know me no more."

-"El Mañana"

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For when life feels like it was ripped right out of your fantasies:

"Just looking out on the day of another dream."

-"On Melancholy Hill"


For being extra thoughtful in your musical selections:

"Please repeat the message: It's the music that we choose."



For when you're blasting your music for all the world to hear:

"Play my tunes loud enough to shake the room, what's the hold up?"

-"Ascension" (featuring Vince Staples)


For when you're getting better at what you love every single day:

"I'm useless, but not for long. The future is coming on."

-"Clint Eastwood"


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