9 Easy Hairstyles That Will Look Cute Underneath Your Grad Cap

Graduation's coming up and it's time to exit high school in style!

You've got your cap and gown, dress and party plans set—now all you need is to come up with something for your 'do.

Styling your mane for a graduation cap can be tricky. It needs to photograph well (they give you like two seconds to smile with your diploma), fit underneath the cap, and last through whatever the weather wants to serve you that day.

Below, nine hairstyles that are fitting for your graduation.

Bubble Pony

Instead of a simple low pony, add playfulness with a cute bubble pony! It will keep your hair in place all day long, too.

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Cool Girl 'S' Waves

The style of "It" girls everywhere, the effortless "s" wave is perfect for your graduation day. This look is easy and undone, and will last all day long if you create the waves using a flat iron.

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Spiky Ballerina Bun

If you really want to set it and forget it, then a low bun is they way to go. Your hair will be back, snatched and out of your face and you won't have to stress about wind or bad hair shots.

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Finger Waves

Finger waves are sort of genius for graduation day because you won't have to worry about cap head. Finger waves start at just about the eye level (right where that tight grad cap hits), so when you take it off, your mane will look like magic.

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Twisted Low Pony With Volume

If you want a look that's glam and practical, look no further than this twisted low pony. The sleek, twisted base explodes into va-va-voom hair that will get you noticed. Extra style points if you add on a pony cuff.

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Keep It Curly

If you're a curly girl, let those ringlets fly free! You want to look like yourself on graduation day, so letting your natural curls out is the way to go—but make sure you bring along some pins and clips to secure your cap in place.

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Swept Back With Romance

For a more boho style, pull your hair back in a messy ponytail and let your front pieces hang out. Pull out a few additional whispies to give it that romantic flair. You can even wrap it up into a low bun for the afterparty if you like!


Sleek and Straight

When in doubt, go with what you know. A sleek and straight middle part is always a win. It's Kendall Jenner's go-to after all.

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If you or someone you know is a good French braider, then sport Frenchies as your graduation style of choice. It's another look that will keep your hair in place and look good from the ceremony to the dance floor.

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Hopefully we gave you some fun styling ideas! Now that you're in the high school homestretch, HERE are seven things that you'll definitely relate to!