These Cool Sneakers for Guys Won't Break the Bank

If you're a guy scouring the internet for the perfect pair of sneakers, chances are you're finding that shoes that look, feel and work great can get really pricey, really fast.

The good thing is, you don'actually have to drop $200 or more to find sneakers you love that will also last and last. Just keep scrolling to discover some of our all-time favorites—all available for under $100.

BANGS Everest Ice High Top: $69

Love crisp, clean sneaker looks? These BANGS Everest Ice High Tops have your name written all over them, with a bright white color and sleek design that matches everything. They're also designed for adventures,  so whether you take them to the streets or go exploring nature, they're up to the task.

BANGS Everest Ice High Top

(via BANGS Shoes )


Avia Men's Avi-Retro 930: $99.98

Avia's Men's Avi-Retro 930 shoes have a look dating back to the '80s, bringing the classic basketball shoe look to the present with the perfect blend of form and function. They're built for the game, with vents to allow airflow, as well as a padded collar that makes them as supportive as they are comfy while looking right at home on any court.

Keds Mens Skyhawk Lo Leather

(via Avia)


Keds Men's Skyhawk Lo Leather: $89.95

For a different take on the retro basketball sneaker, we love these Men's Skyhawk Lo Leather sneakers from Keds. Their streamlined shape makes them great for everyday wear as well as athletics, and you truly can't go wrong with simple white with red and blue accents to really make the look pop.

Avia Mens Avi-Retro 930

(via Keds)


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Kizik Men's Madrid Eco-Knit: $99

There'so much to love about Kizik shoes, starting with the fact that this Men's Madrid Eco Knit pair is completely made from recycled plastic bottles. They're also effortlessly stylish, stretchy and extra breathable, but our favorite part has to be that they're made to be hands-free and slip on and off like a dream, making it easier than ever to get ready to go out.

Kizik Mens Madrid Eco-Knit

(via Kizik)


adidas Stan Smith Shoes: $50

When we think of timeless sneaker styles, adidas Stan Smiths are one of the first looks to pop into our heads, and it only takes one look to see why. These shoes have been around since the '60s but have never gone out of style, with a versatile silhouette that's hard to resist. It also comes in all kinds of colorways, though our favorite will always be the classic cloud white with green.

adidas Stan Smith Shoes

(via adidas)


Cariuma OCA Low: $98

The OCA is Cariuma's signature sneaker, and for good reason. They're designed to be ultra comfortable and worn on the daily, made from the best raw materials to create a lightweight, barely-there feel. The brand is built around sustainability and ethical practices, so you'll also know that you're doing some good by investing in a stunning pair.

Cariuma OCA Low

(via Cariuma)


Bruno Marc Men's Classic Lightweight Casual Sneakers: $49.99

We know Bruno Marc best for their comfortable yet stylish dress shoes, but it turns out their sneakers are also made to support feet while looking incredible. We can't get enough of the shine on these Men's Classic Lightweight Casual Sneakers, which elevate the basic tennis shoe look, while arch support and a cushioned insole also make them great for your feet in general.

Bruno Marc Mens Classic Lightweight Casual Sneakers

(via Bruno Marc)


Vans Pig Suede Old Skool Shoe: $80

There are few things we love better than a classic skate shoe, and Vans' Pigs Suede Old Skool Shoe has a look that brings us way back. The style actually dates back to 1977, featuring the brand's signature side stripe, while also featuring padded collars and reinforced toe caps and rubber outsoles that make the shoe custom-made for skateboarding to your heart's content.

Vans Pig Suede Old Skool Shoe

(via Vans)


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NB Numeric 425: $64.99

For a sneaker that blends the best elements of basketball shoes and skate shoes, check out New Balance's NB Numeric 425. With reinforced toe caps and a heel wedge, it's durable as well as comfy and supportive, and while we're gravitating toward this rust and white shoe with olive accents, it's also available in more classic color combos if that's more your style.

NB Numeric 425

(via New Balance)


Nike Air Jordan 1 Low FlyEase: $91.07

There's a good reason Air Jordans are coveted by sneakerheads around the world, and Nike Air Jordan 1 Low FlyEase sneakers look incredible while also absorbing impact with each and every step. They're built for the basketball court, and with the FlyEase's strap and zip system, they're so easy to get on and off, without sacrificing that iconic look we all know and love.

Nike Air Jordan 1 low FlyEase

(via Nike)


Champion Drome Men's High-Top Shoes: $75

If you're all about bold looks, these Champion Drome Men's High-Top Shoes have both a thick shape and eye-catching color that'll stand out on any court. It's vintage yet modern, designed for action with its high-top shape, velcro ankle strap and thick soles, and we simply can't get enough of the multicolored printed soles.

Champion Drome Mens High-Top Shoes

(via Champion)


Reebok Royal BB 4500 Hi 2 Men's Basketball Shoes: $55

Basketball sneakers don't have to be flashy or colorful to be all-time classics, and these Reebok Royal BB 4500 Hi 2 Men's Basketball Shoes are proof. The mid-cut is fresh and timeless, while the mesh upper is designed for comfort and the stitching and details of the construction make the all-white shoe anything but bland.

Reebok Royal BB 4500 Hi 2 Mens Basketball Shoes

(via Reebok)


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Cole Haan Men's Grand Crosscourt Modern Tennis Sneaker: $79.95

Cole Haan is another brand that specializes in dress shoes, so we're not surprised to see elements of their upscale craft in their Men's Grand Crosscourt Modern Tennis Sneaker. They land somewhere between fancy and casual, with sleek suede uppers and a special foam footbed to make them extra cushioned and comfy.

Cole Haan Mens Grand Crosscourt Modern Tennis Sneaker

(via Cole Haan)


Puma Speedcat Shield Leather Driving Shoes: $59.99

While most of the sneakers on this list were designed for athletics, these Puma Speedcat Shield Leather Driving Shoes are built for speed—in a car, that is. They're made to feel great as you put the pedal to the metal, with somewhat thin soles, and that's what makes them truly unique. Plus, the simple black-and-white aesthetic is unbeatable, reminding us of the aerodynamics of a vehicle at top speed.

Puma Speedcat Shield Leather Driving Shoes

(via Puma)


Converse Chuck 70 Quilted: $69.97

Converse high-tops may be a classic shoe, but they're not necessarily known for being the most comfortable. Enter the Converse Chuck 70 Quilted sneaker, made with faux fur lining and quilted polyester to keep feet warm and cozy during the wintertime. We love the twist this puts on both the style and when it's best to wear them, making them some of the coolest Converse out there.

Converse Chuck 70 Quilted

(via Converse)


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