Say Goodbye to Dry Hands During Quarantine With These Creamy Hand Lotions

One of the most annoying things we've been dealing with while stuck at home during quarantine is dryness.

Our feet, hands, elbows and faces are getting the brunt of it because they're not used to being trapped indoors at seemingly all hours of the day. First things first, we recommend getting a humidifier… it will seriously change your life. On top of that, you need to apply creams and lotions to areas that are prone to dryness. Perhaps the most annoying area to deal with is our hands. Since we're constantly touching things and on our laptops while working, it's important to keep them moisturized.

Say goodbye to dry hands during quarantine with the following creamy hand lotions!

Wedderspoon Manuka Honey and Shea Butter Moisturizing Hand Cream: $21.99

If you aren't familiar with manuka honey, we're about to change your world. It's a powerhouse ingredient with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. So, if you're dealing with puffy, dry hands, you need to get your mitts on this bad boy.

hand lotion

(via Wedderspoon)

OSEA Anti-Aging Hand Cream: $38

Since we're all washing our hands a lot these days, the water is drying out our skin. That's where OSEA comes in—their hand cream does wonders! And with its anti-aging benefits, it also helps get rid of dark spots.

hand lotion

(via OSEA)

Aveeno Skin Relief Hand Cream: $6.99

We're willing to bet you've tried at least one Aveeno product in your life. After all, this brand is everywhere, and for good reason! We're currently obsessing over their hand cream, which aids in relieving and soothing your skin.

hand lotion

(via Amazon)

Lush Helping Hands: $21.95

Lush is our go-to for bath bombs, but did you know they also make some pretty spectacular hand creams? This one is made up of chamomile and cocoa butter, aka, our fave combo ever. It leaves you with soft, supple hands.

hand lotion

(via Lush)

Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream: $15

Dealing with dry hands is no fun, especially when it carries onto your nails. However, with this hand and nail cream by Caudalie, all your bases are covered. You'll be left with beautiful, moisturized hands!

hand lotion

(via Caudalie)


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