Here's the Best Hat for Your Face Shape

You can't deny the power of a good hat!

It has the ability to instantly elevate a look and fully articulate the vibe you're going for—be it boho, edgy, prim or polished. That said, the wrong hat can do the very opposite—it can look totally uncool and downright awkward, and a big reason for that is wearing the wrong type of hat for your face shape.

Just like sunglasses, certain hat shapes, cuts and styles tend to favor certain face shapes over others. So to rid you of any weird hat moments (and to honor National Hat Day today), we've put together a guide on how to find the top-of-the-head accessory that best suits your face—take a look below.

Long Faces = Wide Brim Hats + Berets

Wear: Hats with fitted crowns, hats that cut across the forehead, wide brims.

Pass: Beanies, short-brimmed hats, hats that sit far back on your head.

If you have a long face, chances are you've noticed that wearing a hat farther back on your head—past the hairline—or a tight beanie that starts at your hairline isn't the most flattering on you. Why? Wearing hat styles like these actually accentuate and elongate already-long faces. To balance things out, reach for a floppy hat or a wide brim fedora, and wear it across your forehead rather than on top at the hairline. And instead of a beanie, opt for a beret that cuts across the forehead. If it's a super cold day, you could also rock a fun trapper hat.

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Square Face = Beanies + Berets + Round Brims

Wear: Round brims, beanies, and berets.

Pass: Fedoras and hats with angles.

There's a theme with square face shapes—it's all about softening the angles of your face. And what better way to do that than with a round hat? Angular hats–especially fedoras–clash with strong jawlines and sharp cheeks. Instead, go for soft, smaller circular brim hats. Beanies and berets also soften your look, as do retro styles like cloches.

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Heart-Shaped Face = Fedoras + Newsboy Caps + Baseball Caps

Wear: Fedoras, short brims, newsboy caps and baseball caps.

Pass: Wide brim hats, floppy hats.

Heart-shaped faces should sadly bid adieu to wide, floppy hats. Wide brims enhance the wideness of heart-shaped faces' foreheads and cheekbones and the narrowness of the jaw. A more flattering choice is anything with a shorter brim, like the classic fedora. The slanted brim gives the illusion of added width to the chin area. Newsboy caps, baseball caps and fiddlers—all of which are super trendy RN—are very complementary on your face shape.


Round Face = Hats Worn Farther Back, Fedoras

Round: Hats worn farther back, fedoras.

Avoid: Berets, circular brims, hats that cut across forehead.

This one is pretty easy. If you have a round face shape, try and steer clear of hats that have a similar shape (aka round). This goes for beanies, which will make your face look rounder, along with wide-brim hats, which tend to make round faces look fuller. Instead, look for hats with interesting angles, like fedoras, to draw out your cheekbones. Also, wearing hats farther back on your hairline looks great because it elongates the face.

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Diamond Face = Turbans, Structured Medium Brim Fedoras

Wear: Hats farther back on your head, turbans, beanies, medium brim fedoras

Pass: Hats that cut across the forehead, floppy hats.

Diamond-shaped faces have a lot of width around the cheekbones and eyes, but have a narrow forehead and chin. The goal for this is to balance out the width and create length, and an easy way to do that is with a dope turban. Wear your beanies and structured hats farther back on the hairline, even exposing some hair at the root, for a really flattering look.


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