5 Holiday Candles We've Been Burning Non-Stop

One of our favorite things about the holidays is the candles—duh.

Whether you're into classic sugar scents or more of a natural vibe, trust us when we say there's something out there for you. Curious as to what the absolute best of the best candles are this year? Keep reading for our roundup of the five holiday candles we've been burning nonstop:

Bath & Body Works Tree Farm 3-Wick Candle: $24.50

Bath & Body Works is a brand that we've all tried out at one point or another, and for good reason. From season to season and year to year, they add in new classic candle scents that we consistently fall in love with. This year, we're all about the Tree Farm candle. It literally smells like a Christmas tree. We definitely recommend getting this if you don't have a real tree in your house. It will bring a super homey and holiday vibe to your living space. With notes like pine needle, warm cedar and spiced apples, you won't be able to get enough.

holiday candle

(via Bath & Body Works)


Fvith Candle In Snow: $45

When a candle looks as chic as this bad boy does, we can't help but wonder whether the smell will live up to the look. The answer here is a resounding yes! Not only will this adorable candle look good on your desk, in the bathroom, in your living room or pretty much anywhere else, but it smells divine. Picture yourself in a snowy cabin up in the woods and this is what you're left with. With notes of peppermint, cedar, eucalyptus and cinnamon, you'll pretty much be transported to your own personal winter wonderland.

holiday candle

(via Fvith)


Wen by Chaz White Forest Deluxe Candle: $75

We know that $75 is a pretty hefty price for a candle, but hear us out. Not only are you getting a luxurious statement piece for your home, but you're giving it a smell that's pure Christmas. This candle is called White Forest for a reason. Why? It pretty much smells exactly what you'd think freshly fallen snow amongst big trees in the middle of nowhere would smell like. With notes of sandalwood, vanilla and spearmint, the aroma that will fill your house when the candle is burning will smell simply magical.

holiday candle

(via Chaz Dean)


Pet House Pecan Pie Candle: $21.95

Calling all pet lovers and owners! If you have any furry little creatures roaming around your house, chances are, they can get pretty stinky from time to time. Whether they leave little accidents for you on the floor or their fur gets wet and smelly, pretty much all pets need some sort of scent to cover up their stink. This is where Pet House candles come into play. These candles were made with pets in mind, as they mask their smells! We're especially liking the pecan pie scent, as it smells just like what your grandma makes every time the holidays roll around.

holiday candle

(via One Fur All Pets)


Agraria Perfume Candle In Balsam: $36 (plus 20% off this week only!)

Whether you're looking for a candle for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, we think Agraria offers some pretty incredible choices. It comes wrapped in a beautiful holiday ribbon and bell, meaning your wrapping time just got cut in half! Their balsam candle is by far our favorite, as it has notes of freesia, French sage, jasmine, redwood and balsam. The combination of the flavors is rather intoxicating and smells so good that we almost don't want to even burn it so we can save it. Plus, look at the stunning jar the candle is poured in!

holiday candle

(via Agraria Home)


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