These 17 Accessories Will Make You the Queen of Homecoming

Think you've got homecoming sorted out just because you have a dress picked out? Think again.

Your style and accessories, from your hair and makeup to shoes, bags and more, can make or break the night if you're not careful. Not sure what else you need? Just keep scrolling to get inspired and check out our biggest recommendations for the pieces that'll make you the queen of homecoming.

Les Deux No 1 Roll On Perfume Oil: $48

If you're looking at cute homecoming pics to get inspiration for the accessories you need, you may miss out on one important sense: scent. It'critical that you smell great for homecoming, and Les Deux's No 1 Roll On Perfume Oil is the perfect fit for the occasion. It's a more elegant, grown-up scent we wouldn't wear every day, with rosy floral notes mixed with musk and pepperiness. Plus, the roller tube is small enough to bring with you to reapply as needed.

les deux no 1 roller ball

(via Les Deux)


Nails of LA The Muse Wrap: $12

While you may opt for a professional mani for homecoming, they can be pricey and time-consuming—and you may not want to keep wearing them after homecoming. That's why we recommend easy-to-apply nail wraps, like these cute ones from Nails of LA. They apply everything you need to apply them right in the box and can be easily removed with a little rubbing alcohol when you're done with them.

nails of la muse wrap

(via Nails of LA)


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Crunchi Cosmetics Everluxe Lip Crayon: $28

If you're going to be doing a lot of dancing at homecoming, you'll want a lip color that lasts, which is why we love Crunchi Cosmetic's Everluxe Lip Crayons. They come in five bold shades that suit every skin tone, with long-lasting color that also nourishes lips, and the crayons are super portable in case you need a touch-up later.

crunchi everluxe lip crayons

(via Crunchi Cosmetics)


Revitalash Double-Ended Volume Set: $34.50

For homecoming, you'll want your eyelashes to look their longest. Lucky for you, that's easy to achieve with Revitalash's Double-Ended Volume Set. With a primer on one side and mascara on the other, this wand is designed to give you huge, richly pigmented lashes.

revitalash double ended volume set

(via Revitalash)


Billini Clover White Patent Bag: $59.95

Speaking of your bag, you're going to want to rock one that suits not just you, but also your homecoming dress. We like this little bag from Billini, with an elegant short handle, but enough carrying capacity for whatever you might need during the night.

beginning boutique billini clover white patent bag

(via Beginning Boutique)


Nina Margot Crossbody in Rose Gold: $66

We're big on crossbody bags because you can sling them on and not have to worry about them until you actually need to access your stuff, and this one from Nina is just the thing for special events. We love the sequined look, especially in this chic rose gold color, but they also have other options that might be a better match for whatever ensemble you'll be rocking to the dance.

nina margot crossbody rose gold

(via Nina Shoes)


multitasky iPhone Case Wallet/Crossbody Purse: $18

If all you need is your phone and a few cards to get through the night, why not keep things super simple with this hybrid wallet and crossbody purse from multitasky? We adore the white version for its versatility, but it comes in a number of colors to suit all types of looks.

multitasky iphone case wallet

(via multitasky)


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Benks MagClap On-Go Power Bank 5000mAh: $39.99

And if you plan to be using your phone a lot during the dance—especially if you'll be recording a lot of videos or even uploading during the event—you do not want your battery to run out. This magnetic power bank is perfect because it's slim yet powerful, while also coming in various cute colors.

benks magclap on the go power bank

(via Benks)


First Honey Sunny Days Kit: $24.99

While it may seem like overkill to pack a mini first aid kit for homecoming, it will come in handy. Heels get uncomfortable, fast, and whether it's you or one of your friends who needs some balm and a band-aid for a heel before the end of the night, you'll be glad you brought this along.

first honey sunny days kit

(via First Honey)


gorjana Amara Ring Set: $55

A cute dress just isn't the same when it's not paired with the right accessories, and we're big fans of this Amara Ring Set from gorjana because it includes not one, but three, rings. Each ring has a different number of cubic zirconia crystals, offset in an organic-looking pattern, making them perfect for stacking with each other or your current favorite rings.

gorjana Amara ring set

(via gorjana)


Mahrukh Akuly Chain Link Bracelet: $45

If you're going to be buying lots of new pieces for homecoming, they might as well be versatile enough to wear for other events, too, which is why we recommend Mahrukh Akuly's Chain Link Bracelet. It consists of delicate, sparkly chains, and is available in either silver or gold, so it's blingy, but flexible.

Mahrukh akuly chain link bracelet

(via Mahrukh Akuly)


Pura Vida Mini Coin Drop Choker: $50

And if you're on the hunt for a cute necklace to accompany your homecoming look, check out this Pura Vida Mini Coin Drop Choker. With its small silver coins on a chain, it's elegant enough for something like a school dance, while also being subtle enough to wear for an everyday look for the other times of the year.

pura vida bracelets mini coin drop choker

(via Pura Vida)


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HEYMAEVE Bali Claw Clip: $24

The thing we love about claw clips is that they can be worn pretty much anytime, anywhere. These lovely clips in lavender and brown tones would look just as appropriate in your hair at a pajama sleepover as they would with your sophisticated homecoming look, and we don't think you could ask for anything else.

heymaeve bali claw clip



Franco Sarto Trina Slingback Pump: $59.99

When it comes to heels for homecoming, it's important to stick out with your choices. This awesome pair comes in both lilac and canteloupe shades, with a pointed-toe look we adore, and while these two pairs might not match with every homecoming dress, that just makes the outfits where they do work more special.

franco sarto trina slingback pump

(via Franco Sarto)


Chinese Laundry Theresa Platform Sandal: $79.95

Of course, black heels go with everything, and these Theresa Platform Sandals from Chinese Laundry are likely to become your go-to pair for every occasion. The color makes them ridiculously versatile, while the platform will make them a bit easier to dance around in than traditional heels.

(via Chinese Laundry)


Bernardo 1946 Maddie Sandal: $99

If you'd prefer not to trip all over your feet (or tower over your date) at homecoming, you can always pick a pair of flat sandals. This pair will be comfy and stay in place, with a metallic finish to suit your most brilliant homecoming outfit.

bernando maddie sandal

(via Bernardo 1946)


Zodiac Women's Hill Flat: $78.99

And last but not least, you really can't go wrong with a pair of great flats. Whether you start the night in these or keep them in your bag as a failsafe in case your heels start hurting your feet, you'll love their comfort and great shape. Plus, you'll be able to wear these for all sorts of events beyond homecoming.

famous footwear zodiac womens hill flat

(via Famous Footwear)


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