10 Cute Insta-Famous Dog Influencers You Need to Follow

In our humble opinion, dog people are the best people.

We know, we know, cat people are people, too! But TBH, we just love pups. They instantly bring smiles to our faces and can even pull us out of some pretty dark places. If you're having a bad day, we guarantee that by watching doggo videos or scrolling through adorable pics, you'll feel better in no time.

Keep scrolling for the ten cutest Insta-famous dog influencers you need to follow!

1. Samson the Goldendoodle

Brb, need to grab some tissues from all this crying! Our buddy Samson the goldendoodle loves to take naps with his human brother. He lets him fall asleep in his arms every day and doesn't move, so as not to wake him (we're not crying, you're crying). Plus, his parents dress him up in some pretty snazzy outfits. He even got ready for the Oscars!

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2. Munchkin the Teddy Bear Dog

Munchkin the teddy bear is your go-to pup when you need a few laughs. His mom dresses him up in a bear costume from time to time, and it's freakishly life-like! He's so cute and literally looks like a stuffed animal. Seriously, if you blink, you'll miss it! Just look at this video of him surrounded by other stuffed animals, can you spot him?

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3. Jiff Pom

When a doggo can ride a skateboard and do handstands, he's going to become popular. Jiff Pom has almost 10 million followers because of his many talents! Not only that, but he's so well-behaved and loved that even celebrities have become obsessed with him! A few notables include Ariana Grande and Jake Paul.

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4. Mosey Mirsalehi Stibbe

We found out about this good boy through one of our fave fashion influencers, Negin Mirsalehi—his mama! Since Mosey comes from a fam of great style, it's no surprise he's always camera-ready. If only we could play with this little cuddle monster, our lives would be made! Seriously, look at how soft he is!

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5. Dougie the Shih Tzu

Is it just us, or are grumpy dogs the cutest ones out there? While Dougie may look like he's mad for no apparent reason, he's actually a very happy pup! This little bundle of joy makes our hearts melt every time we see one of his pics or videos on our feeds. Plus, he's the perfect size to sneak in your purse, aka, he can go everywhere with you!

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6. Glee the Golden Retriever

When a doggo is literally named Glee, you know she's going to put a beaming smile on your face. This adorable golden retriever lights up every room she walks into and puts everyone at ease. Her feed is jam-packed of pics of her showing off her pearly whites for the whole world to see.

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7. Harlso the Balancing Hound

A balancing hound may seem like fake news, but it is oh so real! Harlso is known for balancing things of all shapes and sizes atop his head (seriously, look at how funny this is). Not only is it quality content, but it's pretty impressive, too! We love watching him balancing things, trying not to move.

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8. Popeye the Foodie Dog

We don't know about you, but our dogs definitely aren't as well-behaved as Popeye, here. Our pups would not be able to contain themselves and would dive right in. Popeye, on the other hand, loves posing with food… gourmet, fast-food… he doesn't discriminate! We love seeing the joy on his face when he's posing with something drool-worthy.

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9. Doug the Pug

Our favorite pug, Doug (who has the cutest rolls, btw), loves to travel. Some would even say he's quite the jet-setter! Not only does he get to jet around to different places, but he gets to meet some pretty cool people, too. Can you say you've hung out with Billie Eilish before? Probably not, but Doug sure can!

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10. Chowder the Bear Dog

He may look like a bear, but Chowder is in fact… a dog. Chow Chows are known for looking eerily similar to bears, but we love it! After all, who wouldn't want to cuddle with a cub look-alike? Chowder is one big bundle of fluffy joy, and he loves to spread good energy to those around him…especially his followers!

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