6 Japanese Starbucks Drinks We Need in the States ASAP

It seems like every time Starbucks announces a brand new drink, it's only available in Japan.

While we wish we could take a quick trip to the country whenever we want to sip on their thirst-quenching beverages, we cannot.

That's why we need Starbucks to bring these six Japanese-based drinks our way immediately:

American Cherry Pie Frappuccino

First off, the fact that this drink is called an American Cherry Pie Frappuccino obviously means we need our own version of it in Starbucks across the U.S. This vanilla and whipped cream beverage with cherry syrup mixed in, is made even better with its excessive (yet totally necessary) pie crust topping. Nothing screams U.S.A. quite like this frap.


Key Lime Cream and Yogurt Frappuccino

Key lime juice and custard sauce are blended into a creamy yogurt base to make this summertime beverage. Because key lime pie originated in Key West, Florida, we desperately need this drink on our menus over here. It's only fair, Starbucks.


Sakura Blossom Cream Latte

In the spring, Starbucks in Japan released sakura blossom (or cherry blossom)-flavored drinks to celebrate the arrival of the season. The cream latte is topped with pink chocolate and rice cracker and perfectly captures the creamy sakura flavor. Let's not forget to mention how adorable the cups are, too. We'd purchase this drink just for those bad boys.


Tiramisu Frappuccino

We're all about any chocolatey-flavored drink, so a Tiramisu Frappuccino is right up our alley. It's essentially just a coffee frap, but it's topped with a cookie layer and brownie chunks. Um, when's the soonest we can get our hands on one?


Chocolate Cake-Topped Frappuccino

As if this list couldn't get any better, we introduce the Chocolate Cake-Topped Frappuccino. There are two versions of this delicious creation, so you're sure to find one that suites your needs best. The first option (pictured below) is an almond-flavored Frap topped with a mini-chocolate cake, matcha drizzle and whipped cream. The second option is also almond-flavored, but it's drizzled with coffee-flavored sauce instead of matcha. Which one would you try?


Watermelon Passion Tea

The ultimate summer drink, this tea is the perfect blend of watermelon juice and passion tea topped with a freeze-dried lime to capture its gorgeous aesthetic. It's the prettiest pink drink yet, and we need one stat.


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