22 Loving Lyrics From the Jonas Brothers The Album to Use as Instagram Captions

The Jonas Brothers just dropped their sixth studio album, and we love the way it shows off a whole new side of the trio and what they're all about.

With a tongue-in-cheek title like The Album, we weren't quite sure what to expect, but across 12 songs, the new release spans genres for a bit of introspection, as well as an exploration of what it means to love, whether you're talking romance, love for your family or the type of love the three Jonas Brothers share. The boys are back and bigger than ever, with a bit of '70s-inspired flair, and if you're loving the album, keep scrolling to discover all of its best lyrics—and how to use them as Instagram captions.

For the one who seems almost too good to be real:

"Supernatural, ooh, you're that miracle."



For your love who's everything to you:

"Sweeter than a pastry, wintеr with the AC, colder than a snowflake on me."



For the person more beautiful than all of the beautiful locations you've been traveling to together:

"Montana skies, Georgia sunsets. You're the one walkin' in my head."

-"Montana Sky"


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For the one you look forward to seeing every day when you wake up:

"You gave me a reason, you got me believin'."



For when someone makes you want to do better every day:

"Leave the mental, need to just let go."

-"Sail Away"


For getting out of your head, for once:

"Leave the mental, need to just let go."

-"Sail Away"


For the person who can make you see beyond your current plane:

"You make my physical spiritual."

-"Sail Away"


For when you just can't stop thinking of someone:

"Can't get you out of my brain."

-"Sail Away"


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For when you're in no rush for the evening to end:

"We're gonna get home when we get home."



For when you're willing to fight for your love:

"Love's hard, so love harder."



For overcoming adversity:

"Through the fire, we made it."



For when you don't plan to hold back:

"Tonight we party like Vegas."



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For when you trust in the universe:

"We never knew how to perfect, but we always knew it would work."

-"Waffle House"


For looking on the bright side, even when the going gets tough:

"We never knew how to perfect, but we always knew it would work."

-"Waffle House"


For the pic of you and your special someone at the full moon:

"When it's just me, you, and the moon."

-"Vacation Eyes"


For the one who looks like the embodiment of summer beauty:

"You're looking summertime, summertime, summer, su-su-summertime fine."

-"Vacation Eyes"


For when your love is everlasting:

"Through all this rain, through all this pain, I feel the same."

-"Vacation Eyes"


For relaxing under flowing water:

"Warm waterfalls stay fallin' on me."

-"Summer in the Hamptons"


For when you're crushing harder on your S.O. every week:

"Still catchin' feelings for you."

-"Summer Baby"


For when they're too hot to handle:

"You feel like summer, heatin' everybody."

-"Summer Baby"


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For when life is as perfect as your favorite song:

"In my head every day like a melody, baby."

-"Summer Baby"


For when you know that inevitable change is coming your way:

"Darlin', there's train comin' in your life that you gotta catch, but that's not right now."

-"Little Bird"


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