The 10 Best K-Pop Tracks to Use as TikTok Sounds

TikTok is the go-to place to keep up with the latest dance trends, hottest songs, and viral videos—and that becomes even more true when it comes to K-pop tracks.

K-pop is a diverse genre with artists ranging from bubblegum pop to EDM to hip-hop and more. Often, artists even make these songs with the intent of creating a viral challenge for fans to partake in—and those that are good enough can often make their way outside of being used exclusively by fans.

Twice the Feels video still

("The Feels" via JYP Entertainment)

As plentiful as catchy and danceable K-pop songs are, here are 10 tracks that stick out as the best to use as TikTok sounds.

1. 'Glitch Mode' by NCT Dream

Your mind may still be buffering thinking about how catchy the latest title track from NCT Dream is. Whether you're trying to match the group's "glitch" dance moves or are doing your own thing, you can't help but dance to the unique song.

@mycuteboyjeno K-고3의 버퍼링 #SwitchOnThatGlitchMode #버퍼링모드 #NCTDREAM_GlitchMode#NCTDREAM #GlitchMode @official_nct @pinkinmyblood ♬ 버퍼링 Glitch Mode – NCT DREAM


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2. 'Money' by Lisa

This viral hit from BLACKPINK's youngest member circled its way around social media for months. From Squid Game edits to casual cooking, dancing and lifestyle videos, over 4.9M videos are using this sound so far, and we don't see it slowing down anytime soon.

@yoongitea2I love this song😩♬ MONEY – 리사 (LISA)


3. 'Do It Like This' by P1Harmony

The boy band created their own dance challenge for fans to follow along, and the energy is infectious. The hip-hop-inspired track is something straight out of a Step Up movie, but we aren't complaining.

@p1harmony Bring it on🔥 Gotta Do It Like This✨ #KPop #P1Harmony #피원하모니 #DoItLikeThis #English_Version #DILT ♬ Do It Like This (English Version) – P1Harmony


4. 'Swipe' by ITZY

Talk about a perfect song for different makeup looks, showing off your collection of K-pop merch or even using different TikTok filters. Over 87K versatile videos have been using this song, and we can see why.

@nathaliaandita (LATE) SWIPE CHALLENGE?? 😫😫 + bts🥳 @isabelapangestu #gayaditiktok #gayadirumah #swipechallenge #lookatme ♬ SWIPE – ITZY


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5. 'Left and Right' by SEVENTEEN

This song blew up across social platforms and even had other K-pop groups joining in the challenge. It's simple yet memorable, and people worldwide have been using it.

@istent_theboyz #THEBOYZ #더보이즈#LeftRightChallenge ♬ Left & Right – SEVENTEEN


6. 'OK' by NCT U

The fan-favorite track quickly became a trend for before and after makeup looks, and everyone using it has looked phenomenal. It's a vibe, and we love to see it.

@peanutsan ✨this trend and this song is everything✨ ib:@phari🧚🏽‍♀️ #okchallenge #oknctu #nctzen #kpopfypシ #nctfyp #nctuniverse #nct2021 #nct ♬ OK! – NCT U


7. 'Dumb Dumb' by JEON SOMI

The instrumental whistle alone is enough to get some heavy usage out of this song, but incorporate the wordplay of "dumb dumb," and it's hard not to see this song pop up on the K-pop side of TikTok. Even actresses including Sofia Wylie have participated in the dance challenge for this song.

@sofiawylieProbs watched the music video like 29 times♬ DUMB DUMB – JEON SOMI


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8. 'Tomboy' by (G)I-DLE

Talk about a banger. This song hasn't even been out a month and has already racked up some serious views on YouTube and usage on TikTok. The track from the girl group is edgy and everything we could ever want from a TikTok sound.

@annoravia Minnie gidle makeup inspired,but I improvised a bit on the eyelook🤟🏻 @official_gidle #tomboy_challenge #gidletomboy #makeuptransformation ♬ TOMBOY – (G)I-DLE


9. 'Deja Vu' by Ateez

"I know you get Deja Vu."  Don't we all? This track is energetic, catchy, and dance-worthy—all qualities needed for a killer TikTok video.

@eyeinspired Before or After!? #satisfying #draw #art #artwork #paint #painting #myart #diy #mood ♬ Deja Vu – ATEEZ


10. 'The Feels' by Twice

There can't be a more right name for this song. It can get you in your feels about a past love or get you up dancing, which probably explains why it's labeled with the popular tag on TikTok.

@tracy.ojGiving crackhead energy but Am so obsessed with this songggg!!🤩🤩♬ The Feels – TWICE


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