The 6 Best Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Whether you're a big-time Halloween fan or you're the type who hates all things scary and wishes we could skip past it to the cozier holidays, there's no denying that Halloween is right around the corner.

And Halloween-lover or not, that means you're probably going to end up with an invite to something relating to costumes pretty soon. But with the clock to the 31st ticking down and the time to prepare a decent costume whittling down with it, what are you supposed to do if you don't have something ready yet? Worry not, as you can always fall back on one of these last-minute Halloween costume ideas.

1. Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's

If you have brown hair, a black dress and a set of pearls, you're pretty much set up for success to be the perfect Holly Golightly.



2. A Black Cat

Call it basic if you want, but there's a reason why this costume is so beloved by people everywhere: it's cute, it's customizable and it's completely easy to put together on the fly. As long as you have some cat ears to pop on your head (these are usually super cheap, you can even find them at the dollar store) and something black to wear, you've got this last-minute costume in the bag.


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3. A Witch

Another outfit idea that takes little more than a bit of headgear to complete is a classic witch. This is an especially great last-minute costume idea for this year, considering the recent release of Hocus Pocus 2. Whether you want to go scary with it or not, this costume is great for any unprepared witches or wizards out there.



4. A Pun

Want to look like you put in a ton of effort for your costume when you really just came up with it on the fly? Try something along the lines of "Oh, dear!" (a simple deer costume with a paper that reads "Oh!" taped to you) or a "killer bee" (an easy bee costume complete with wings and a headpiece, plus a fake axe or something else on the side). Other ideas include: "vampire bat," "queen bee" and even "Megan Fox."


5. A Ghost

Is anybody in the mood for a little nostalgia? Nothing does the trick (or saves you time in a pinch) than recreating the classic "sheet with eye holes cut out in it" ghost costume from our childhoods. If you want to make it modern, crop the sheet a little extra and pop on some knee or thigh-high boots underneath to emulate the versions we've seen go viral lately on TikTok.



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6. A Pumpkin

Got an orange top? Grab a green headband and a sharpie (or cut out black paper and tape it to you if you don't want to ruin a good shirt) and make yourself a jack-o-lantern if you need a solid last-minute costume that takes minimal effort to put together in a pinch.


While they might not be total showstoppers, these last-minute Halloween costume ideas are still pretty great when you're short on time and low on inspiration. But if you do have a bit more time on your hands before the holiday hits (or you just want to know what everyone else will be rocking), click HERE to check out all the biggest Halloween costume trends for this year.