7 Best Lip Balms to Soothe Dried-Out Lips

The wintertime weather can take a major toll on your hair and skin, and your poor lips are the first things that usually take the hit.

Freezing temperatures mixed with dry heater air, long nights by the fire and even longer days on the ski slopes can leave your lips cracked and painful. Below, we've rounded up seven wonderful lip balms that will keep your pucker soft and supple.

Dedcool x Rose Chapstick: $18

This 100% all-natural vegan shea butter lip balm is so luxurious and leaves lips soft and hydrated all day long. It comes in several different scents, including mint, vanilla, and watermelon, but our fave is hands down the rose.

Dedcool Chazatick Rose

(via Dedcool)


Le Paradis Jamaica Lip Balm: $24

Le Paradis makes the most yummy-smelling lip balms all named after tropical far off locations. Shea butter and sweet almond oil hydrate, leaving your lips moisturized and oh-so-glossy! Our fave is the banana ????.

Le Paradis lip balm

(via Le Paradis)


Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask: $20

This K-beauty favorite has earned a cult following quickly for good reason–the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is one of the most wonderfully hydrating overnight lip products you will ever use! Well worth the $20 price tag, apply this mask nightly and wake up with smoother, softer, more supple lips.

Laneige lip sleeping mask

(via Laneige)


Ohii Lip Jelly: $8

This rich lip balm leaves your lips looking super dewy, thanks to it's non-sticky, vegan formula with castor seed oil and shea butter.

ohii Lip Jelly

(via Urban Outfitters)


Sara Happ Lip Slip Balm: $24

Sara Happ is the self-proclaimed queen of lips—and for good reason. Her line of luxury lip products is a celebrity fave, and her best-selling Lip Slip Balm is so yummy, thick and hydrating. It also comes in a super cute box and would make a great gift.

Sara Happ Lip Slip Lip Balm

(via Nordstrom)


Glossier Balm Dot Com Trio: $30

Glossier's balm dot com is a great go-to to have in your purse. We like to stock up on them in threes because you save $6. We love Birthday, Mint and Cherry (which has the slightly sheer tint).

Glossier Balm Dot Comm

(via Glossier)


Smith's Rosebud Lip Balm Tube: $8

Smith's famous Rosebud lip balm is legendary, and it now comes in a tube as well as the iconic tin. The tube is much easier to open and apply, especially with gloves on—the tin is cute but sort of a pain. This formula is full of vitamin E, beeswax and of course, rose.

Smiths Rosebud Salve

(via Urban Outfitters)


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