These Are the Best Lip Masks for More Moisturized and Plump Lips

Even though we love fall, what we don't love is how dry our skin gets.

From chapped lips to chapped hands, the weather attacks our skin one body part at a time. Perhaps the most annoying to deal with is the lips. It's uncomfortable and looks kinda gross, so we think it's important to take preventative steps!

Do you want luscious lips? Keep reading for the best lip masks for more moisturized and plump lips.

LAPCOS Very Berry Lip Patch: $4

We've tried our fair share of lip patches, but let us tell you, this one by LAPCOS is among the best of the best. Made with berry complex, aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder and peppermint leaf extract, this lip mask is guaranteed to firm, moisturize and hydrate your lips. Throw this baby on for ten minutes and bam, you're left with the softest, most kissable lips.

lip mask

(via LAPCOS)


Masqueology Pucker Up! Lip Plumping Kit: $4

On the hunt for something a bit more complex? Then you have to try out this Masqueology kit. Featuring three steps to plumper and smoother lips, you'll be so happy with the end result. First up is the exfoliating scrub, then you move onto the mask itself, which is full of collagen, and to finish off, you apply the lip plumper, which is just a plumping gloss.

lip mask

(via Masqueology)


Masque Bar Hallyu Strawberry Lip Mask: $3.99

Masque Bar has all sorts of fun masks to choose from, but this strawberry lip one has to be our favorite. With ingredients like strawberry extract and grapefruit seed extract, your lips will be left super smooth and very pout-worthy. And the best part? If you buy more, you get a discount, so add these babies to your cart before they're gone!

lip mask

(via Masque Bar and Instagram)


Pop Beauty Pucker Up, Patches! (5 Pack): $10

Why not get more bang for your buck? This five-pack of lip patches by Pop Beauty is a no-brainer. Made with the best ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, peptides and allantoin, the patch will work its magic and leave you with firm, plump and super moisturized lips.

lip mask

(via Pop Beauty)


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