3 Magnetic Lashes That Are ACTUALLY Worth Trying

We're counting down the days 'til we get to get all glammed up for a fun night out.

And while we may not know exactly when that will be, we can still prepare! During the last year, we've tried all sorts of makeup. From eyeshadow palettes to lip products to concealers and more, there are so many great things we can't wait to wear. But you know what we're extra excited about? False lashes!

And no, we're not talking about your typical CVS buy—we mean magnetic lashes. If you haven't heard of these, yes, they're real, and they work! Keep reading to find out which magnetic lashes are actually worth trying.

S'Attraction Secret Look Lashes: $69.98

With lashes that look this natural, we're honestly tempted to wear them on the daily—not just for special occasions. We're loving S'Attraction's Secret lash style for its glamorous, full look. And while the price may seem a bit steep, the full kit includes a pair of lashes, two tubes of magnetic eyeliner, an eyelash case and an eyelash applicator. Plus, the lashes themselves can be worn up to 30 times, so you're actually getting quite the deal! These hold up well over time and are definitely worth the cost.

Just look at how easy they are to apply!


Glamnetic Bombshell Lash: $29.99

Glamnetic is known for their press-on nails and magnetic lashes—and for good reason! The quality is out-of-this-world, and we always find ourselves gravitating toward the brand. We're especially vibing with their Bombshell style lash, which is cat-eye-esque and super flirty (and can be worn up to 40 times!) It's perfect for your next date night. The magnetic eyeliner ($42.99) for this bad boy is sold separately, but hear us out—instead of sticking with plain old black, they have colored options like green, pink and more! You'll make a killer statement with this combo.

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i·Envy Magnetic Liner and Wispy Lash Kit: $13.99

Some of us like more of a natural look, especially when it comes to everyday makeup. If this sounds like you, i•Envy's Magnetic Wispy lashes have your name written all over them. The set includes the lashes themselves and magnetic eyeliner, so you're really getting a great deal here. The wispy style, when it comes to false lashes, have always been a cult favorite. So it should come as no surprise that these cuties made our list!


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