The Best Products Our Beauty Editors Tried in May

Every month our beauty editors are sent products to try out, all to let you know whether they're worth it.

May 2021, in particular, was a great month in terms of testing out products. We tried out all sorts of products, from hair to makeup to skincare and more. But only a few made the cut. Keep scrolling for the best products our beauty editors tried in May.

Color Wow Dream Filter: $24

We tested out Color Wow's Dream Filter just in time for summer, and let us tell you—it's a game-changer. The product is meant to be used before you shampoo and removes minerals like chlorine, copper, iron, aluminum and more. The result is lighter, brighter and healthier hair. You will both see and feel the difference.


(via Amazon)


Pacifica Beauty Vegan Collection Fluffy Lash Mascara: $16 (5/17 launch)

We love a vegan makeup product, and this new mascara from Pacifica Beauty, which launched May 17, may be our new go-to. We've tried tons of mascaras, but you can tell this one is special not only from the beautiful tube but the formula as well. If you're looking for a lengthening mascara that won't result in clumps, this is the one for you.


(via Pacifica Beauty)


The Route Beauty The Sunny Eyes and The Night Night Eyes: $65 and $65

We don't know about you, but we love eye creams. Did you know that your eyes are one of the first parts of your face to noticeably age? That's why it's important to start taking care of your skin now. The Route sent us their morning and night eye creams, and we were quite impressed. We were left with de-puffed, bright eyes and had virtually no bags or dark circles.


(via The Route Beauty)


HipDot Hello Kitty Collectors Bag: $74

HipDot comes out with the coolest collaborations, like Clueless, Kesha, Tapatio and more! One of our favorites, though, has to be their collab with Hello Kitty. The brand sent us their collectors bag, including an eyeshadow palette, lip glosses, eyeliner, mascara and a beauty sponge. It gives off total '90s vibes, not to mention, the products last all day long.


(via HipDot)


Vegamour GRO Discovery Kit: $116

Here at Sweety High, we take our hair care very seriously. Long gone are the days of picking up a random shampoo from the drug store—these days, we're all about quality products. Vegamour does exactly that with their discovery kit, which includes a hair serum, a hair foam and a shampoo. One of our editors has been using it for three weeks and already notices a difference in her scalp health and the volume of her hair.


(via Vegamour)


Red by Kiss Triple Barrel Waver: $29.99

If you've seen people on TikTok and Instagram using a waver hot tool, you know the hype is real. One of our beauty editors tried this inexpensive option from Red by Kiss and says it's her new favorite hot tool. Upon using it, your hair will look perfectly beachy, showing off wavy hair that looks like it was freshly taken out of a braid! It's a fun alternative to a traditional curling iron.


(via WEssentials)


Skincare Sleeve: $15

One of the most annoying things we deal with as skincare aficionados is washing our faces. It's not like in commercials when the person splashes water dramatically in their face—instead, the reality is water dripping down your arms. However, we recently received the skincare sleeve, and OMG, how has this not been a thing before? You wear it on your forearms like wristbands, and it catches all the water—mess-free.


(via Skincare Sleeve)


Elaluz Overnight Facial Glow: $29

One issue we always run into with facial tanning products is harmful ingredients, which lead to unclean skin. If you've ever used a tanning product on your face and ended up with a zit, you are not alone. We were pleased to find out that since Elaluz is made with skin-loving ingredients, all we were left with was a perfectly tanned face! The result was so natural that it looked like sun-kissed skin.


(via Elaluz)


Glamnetic x Hello Kitty and Friends My Melody Kit: $64.99

When it comes to false lashes, we know that not everyone is an expert at putting them on. The glue gets everywhere and is a total mess, which is why we personally prefer magnetic lashes. This collab with Glamnetic and Hello Kitty brings two of our favorite things together! We like the My Melody kit, with lashes that look more on the natural side. The kit itself comes with lashes and magnetic eyeliner.


(via Sanrio)


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