The Most Relatable Memes of 2017, According to Us

2017 was, well, not great. But it did have its moments.

When the tumult of the year got us down, there was one thing that we could always rely on to pick us back up: memes.

This year, we were blessed with some hilarious memes that kept us laughing through our misery (jk, but seriously…).

Here are the nine most relatable memes from 2017.

Salt Bae

Seven days into 2017, Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe upload a video of himself slicing meat and sprinkling it with some salt. The clip quickly went viral and a meme was born. Before you knew it, everyone was using it sum up those moments where they acted totally extra.


Mocking SpongeBob

SpongeBob has always been someone we admired, but we've never related to him more with his mocking meme. The quickest and easiest way to annoy someone you despise, everyone used this meme to upset just about everyone who turned 2017 into a horrible year.


Meryl Streep Singing

Though this still of Meryl Streep is from 2015, the icon proved, once again, that she's truly ageless by becoming a meme in 2017. There really is no better image to use when it comes to describing exactly what you look like shouting the lyrics to your fave songs.


Distracted Boyfriend

In an age where stock images are made fun of on the daily, it was about time one become a truly historic meme. If 2017 proved anything, it's that we're all the distracted boyfriend.


Snapchat Hot Dog

Snapchat's dancing hot dog was the greatest invention since sliced bread. We just couldn't get enough of this charismatic little guy. You couldn't go anywhere or do anything without this smiling frankfurter popping up.

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The Floor Is…

Remember when you were a kid and you'd pretend the floor is lava? Who would've thought that the fun little game would become a truly relatable meme in 2017? The two pics of the kid jumping in the air and on the walls to avoid touching the ground was used to describe avoiding everything from doing your homework to going to bed at a decent hour.

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Blinking White Guy

The Blinking White Guy GIF is all of us when things don't work out the way we planned, like thinking 2017 would be the year that all of our dreams would come true.

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Roll Safe

We're all guilty of giving ourselves advice that is equal parts good and bad. The physical embodiment of this came in the Roll Safe meme. It was everything we never knew we needed.



It was one of the biggest movies of 2017. We weren't surprised when Pennywise the Dancing Clown from the original TV movie became meme famous. After 2017, there is a long list of things Pennywise could promise us to get us to go down into the sewer.


According to your zodiac sign, THIS is the meme you'll relate to the most.