10 Memes We're Thankful the Internet Blessed Us With in 2018

Between personal drama and the state of the world, 2018 wasn't all that great for everyone.

But there was a beacon of hope in this dumpster fire of a year—the memes.

The internet's meme game was very strong, and exactly what the doctor ordered in 2018. And while each new meme became more hysterical and relatable than the next, there was a handful that really got us.

Scroll below to discover the 10 memes we're thankful for this year.

1. Coughing Cat Meme

A recent addition to this year's batch of memes, the coughing cat hysterically makes us bust out laughing every single time we come across it. We could stare at it for an hour straight and our laughter wouldn't cease. The accuracy and the execution really come together to produce one quality piece of content after the next.

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2. Surprised Pikachu Meme

This meme is us. We are this meme. We make that face at least 15 times throughout the day either on purpose or to be sarcastic. Pikachu gets it. He understands the struggle of watching the world fall apart right before our very eyes.

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3. Off Ramp Meme

If you didn't find this meme the most relatable of the year, then leave. Kidding! But seriously, we've all been in this situation plenty of times where we should try something new, but opt to stay secure in our comfort zones instead. The comfort zone will get ya.


4. Savage Patrick Meme

We can't say no to a clever SpongeBob meme, so this one had to be on our list. While Patrick is normally pretty oblivious and unaware of what's going on around him, this meme showed a darker side to the lackadaisical starfish. It's basically how we feel anytime karma comes back to bite those who wronged us.

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5. Sassy Cheerleader Meme

We thought we were the sass masters supreme, but it turns out we were nowhere near as saucy as this little cheerleader. You bet we used this as a reaction every time we were right about something, which happened quite often this year.


6. Moth Meme

We don't know why moth memes suddenly became all the rage during the latter half of 2018, but we're not complaining. As ridiculous as they were, they really kept us laughing each and every time we came across a new one. It had us looking at moths in a whole new light.

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7. Squinting Woman Meme

The best part about this meme is that it was just your basic, average girl trying to go viral—and she freaking did. Forget wanting to be a princess when we grow up, we want to be a meme. Maybe one day we'll be as lucky as squinting woman.

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8. Gorl Meme

Yet again, we're not quite sure why or how it came to be, but nevertheless, we couldn't get enough of this meme constantly occupying our feed. Who knew that Gru would give minions a run for their money?

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9. Meghan Markle Meme

Meghan Markle looked as regal as ever on her wedding day, so of course the internet had to find a way to turn it into something us common folk could find relatable. Sure enough, they did. The way she looked at Harry is the way we look at all the men who clearly don't want us.

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10. Not a Cell Phone in Sight Meme

The cleverness people showcased when creating their own unique versions of this meme is really what made it so special. All of them had us wishing we could go back to simpler times without a cell phone in sight. Maybe one day.

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Not everyone relates to these memes as much as we do, but we know the one you find the most relatable. Click HERE to discover which meme you'll feel a strong connection with, based on your zodiac sign.