Mental Health Podcasts That Have Us Hooked

If you're like us and your resolution was to read more, but you have yet to open a book this year, why not try out a podcast, instead?

Everyone's mental health journey looks different, so whether you are a mental health expert or are just starting to dip your toes into the world of wellness, we collected some of our favorite podcasts for you to check out. These podcasts give you relatable and digestible tips and tricks to keep in your back pocket. We guarantee these podcasts will open you up to new healthy habits,  help understand yourself better and maybe even provide a couple of laughs along the way—and though these podcasts are a great way to learn more about mental health, please remember that they do not replace professional mental healthcare, and you should reach out to a provider in your area if you feel that you would benefit!

1. ShrinkChicks

From college friends to owners and co-founders of The Therapy Group, Emmalee Bierly, LMFT and Jennifer Chaiken, LMFT are on a mission to make therapy more accessible and relatable. Through hilarious anecdotes and enriching topics, ShrinkChicks Podcast delivers everything you need to hear every Monday. Emmalee and Jen explore different mental health topics through their vast knowledge of psychology and years of wisdom in their field.

ShrinkChicks podcast art

(ShrinkChicks via Podcast Nation)


    2. I Weigh with Jameela Jamil

    Is there anything that Jameela Jamil can't do? The triple-threat actress, activist and podcast host uses her podcast to talk about all things radical inclusivity. Started as an Instagram community, I Weigh challenges societal norms and brings on diverse voices to have thought-provoking conversations. This brand goes way beyond a podcast. I Weigh has assisted in changing global policies at Facebook and Instagram around diet and detox products being shown to kids.

    I Weigh with Jameela Jamil podcast cover art

    (I Weigh via Earwolf)


    3. Therapy for Black Girls

    Dr. Joy Harden Bradford is a licensed psychologist, host and founder of Therapy for Black Girls. This podcast and its online community use the platform to talk about all things mental health and personal development while creating an accessible and dedicated space for Black women and girls. Check out her site for book recommendations, resources, help finding a therapist and so much more. Be sure to give this podcast a listen and look out for her first book release, Sisterhood Heals, coming this summer. Mark your calendars, people!

    Therapy for Black girls podcast cover art

    (Therapy for Black Girls The Podcast via iHeartPodcasts)


    4. Your Anxiety Toolkit

    Kimberley Quinlan is a licensed marriage and family therapist, public speaker and host of one of our favorite podcasts, Your Anxiety Toolkit. She loves ending her episodes with her motto, "It's a beautiful day to do hard things," with a warm and inviting voice that's everything we need to start our weeks off right. Kimberley gives us useful tips and tricks to understand and cope with OCD as well as anxiety. Be sure to check out CBT School, an online platform where Kimberley and her team offer courses to help you at whatever stage you are at with your mental health.

    Your Anxiety Toolkit podcast cover art

    (Your Anxiety Toolkit via Kimberley Quinlan)


    5. Thoughts May Vary

    We stumbled upon Thoughts May Vary purely by chance, and we are so grateful we did. Co-host Meadowlark Monaghan is a mental health consultant and mental health professional. Her co-host Gabriela Ulloa is a Cuban-American writer, covering topics ranging from Latinx culture and identity to relationships, style and beauty. TMV serves to start conversations, change minds and make personal development a little less scary. With their weekly "unpacking" sessions, we get to learn in real time with these intelligent and awesome chicks. If you want to feel like you're on FaceTime with two friends while learning from their expert guests, definitely give this a listen.

    P.S. If you watch the podcast on YouTube, you might catch a glimpse of Meadow's dog, Mahal, making guest appearances and occasionally chiming in!

    Thoughts may vary podcast art

    (Thoughts May Vary via Gabriela Ulloa & Meadowlark Monaghan)


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