5 of the Best Moisturizers for Guys, Hands Down

Guys who have glowing skin are automatically 100 times hotter.

It shows that they take care of themselves and that hygiene matters to them. And sure, we all have our skin woes from big pores to acne scars, but that doesn't matter! As long as you're actively treating your skin with care, that's what really counts. So whether you're a guy yourself or are looking for the best skincare advice for the man in your life, you've come to the right place. Look below for five of the best moisturizers for guys, hands down.

1. Lapcos Quench Shot: $38

Keeping your skin moisturized while you're sleeping, especially during cold and dry months, is absolutely essential to skin health. We're loving Lapcos Quench Shot, a nighttime moisturizer for all genders. With main ingredients including hyaluronic acid and deep-sea minerals, you can rest assured knowing your skin will be treated with the utmost care. Expect an increase in moisture levels, improved tone and texture and overall hydration.


(via Lapcos)


2. Skinceuticals Emollience: $63

If you're looking for more of a basic moisturizer that aids normal to dry skin, you can't go wrong with Skinceuticals Emollience. The brand itself is loved by beauty gurus all over, and for good reason! This product, specifically, has a formula with ingredients such as algae extracts, nourishing plant oils and essential oil blends. They all work together to nourish and hydrate the skin. The product blends into the skin evenly and is ideal for those in cold climates.


(via Skinceuticals)


3. Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream: $32

Kiehls is another brand we love here at Sweety High. From great prices to good-for-you ingredients, it's hard not to like what they have to offer. Their Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream is a must for those with oily or even normal skin. The gel formula is both cooling and shine-reducing and is made up of ingredients like glycerin which softens skin, micronized amino acid which reduces shine and glacial glycoprotein which maintains moisture.


(via Kiehls)


4. JAFRA Royal Men 3-in-1 Face Moisturizer: $26

Most of the time we wouldn't be behind a 3-in-1 product, but this moisturizer from JAFRA is the exception. Not only are guys getting a moisturizer, but also SPF and protection against signs of aging. Plus, you can't get much better than the low price-point! This formula is crafted with ingredients that lead to less rough and dry skin like royal jelly, skin comfort complex, advanced moisture complex and silica.


(via JAFRA)


5. Allies of Skin Peptides & Antioxidants Firming Daily Treatment: $109 (currently on sale for $76.30!)

For the guy who doesn't have a budget and is willing to ball out, we couldn't recommend Allie of Skin's Peptides & Antioxidants Firming Daily Treatment enough. You 100% get what you're paying for with this luxe product. It's a mask and moisturizer in one and works throughout the day to treat your skin with brighteners and antioxidants. With ingredients like ceramides, hyaluronic acid, caffeine, raspberry seed oil, acai oil, moringa extract, manuka honey and niacinamide, this baby is full of all the good stuff. You'll be left with the softest skin you've ever had.


(via Allies of Skin)


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