If You're a Total Music Nerd, You'll Love These YouTube Channels and Podcasts

Music, music and more music.

Our tune addiction has reached new heights and we heart the people who share our enthusiasm for it. Scroll through and check out our list of can't-miss music podcasts and YouTube channels below!

1. Switched on Pop

Switched on Pop is more of a technical podcast, but it's far from boring. Musicologist Nate Sloan and songwriter Charlie Harding get to the very heart of pop music as they break it all down for you. You'll learn what makes a perfect pop beat and why some songs are on constant repeat for you.

Switched on Pop podcast

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2. This Song

You know what certain songs and albums mean to you, but have you ever wondered what they mean to your fave musicians? This Song, hosted by Elizabeth McQueen, strives to connect fans with artists. They discuss how their favorite music impacts their personal lives and how it inspires them in their own sound and creative process. Gaining insight into the minds of musicians is something we can listen to for hours on end.

This Song podcast

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3. NPR Music Tiny Desk Concerts

Tiny Desk Concerts are a true gift to every music nerd. The idea behind this epic video series is to challenge artists to think outside the box. They must set up a live performance using only the space of a desk area, so you can imagine how crazy things get. Memorable ones include Adele, Chance the Rapper and more. We can't help but go down a hole once we start watching them on YouTube.


4. Majestic Casual

Majestic Casual is the audio and visual music YouTube channel we can't stop watching. Dedicated to helping people discover the best new music, this is the type of blog you need in your life if your taste is all over the board. Due to the constant outpour of tunes on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services, it's easy for some of the best new material to fall through the cracks. Covering all genres, Majestic Casual does all the work for you by selecting music with good vibes by a variety of talented artists.

Majestic Casual YouTube channel

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5. SubSoul

What started as a simple blog, later turned into a musical project unlike any other. Now a full-fledged record label, SubSoul features new music weekly for fans of house and electronic music. They even have playlists on Spotify that compile their fresh content for you.

SubSoul YouTube channel

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6. The Vinyl Me Please Podcast

If you're a gal in love with her vinyl records, you can't miss THIS record-of-the-month podcast. Host Tyler Barstow hooks you in with amazing stories and conversations about new music and artists. His passion for music is obvious and you'll find his energy completely contagious.

Vinyl Me Please Podcast

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Our favorite music sources would be nothing without new, groovy tunes to talk about. Catch our five faves of the week HERE.