Best Music Video Ever? Best Song Ever Music Video!

The long-awaited music video for One Direction's "Best Song Ever" released just this morning! We're going so far as to say that it's the Best Music Video Ever!

Best Music Video Ever

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After a week of teaser videos for the new song we were expecting something big, and at more than 6 minutes long, this music video has really lived up to our expectations!

Our favorite feature is that it features all five boys in amazing costumes in interesting roles.

Louis and Niall both wear heavy prosthetics, sagging skin, and fake beards as record executives, while Liam is dressed as a wacky choreography and Harry as a nerdy marketing guru. It even shows Zayn as a girl!

The video was co-written by the amazing English comedian James Corden, and directed/co-written by Ben Winston.

Each of the boys of One Direction plays himself, as well as a hilarious second character. The first scene shows the band at odds with their characters, who insist that in order to succeed, they'll need to change their look. We happen to like them the way they are!

The new video also previews clips of One Direction's upcoming 3D concert movie, This Is Us. We couldn't have asked for a better video. Check the video out here!