10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of February 3, 2023

It seems like February has arrived in the blink of an eye.

We're not quite sure how 2023 is slipping through our fingers with such speed, but we do know that it's already been an incredible year, and some unforgettable new music has been a big part of it. This week we saw an almost overwhelming number of hot new tunes, from rising stars such as Cal in Red and Norman Mann to superstars Anne-Marie and Ellie Goulding—and things are just starting to heat up. If you're curious about all of our latest faves, keep scrolling to discover the 10 biggest things that happened in music the week of Feb. 3, 2023

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1. Cal in Red Unveil Sunny Sophomore EP, On the Dance Floor 'Corvette'

Musical brother duo Cal in Red actually aren't all that comfortable dancing, which gives their new sophomore EP On the Dance Floor a hidden tongue-in-cheek message. It's a kind of playful anxiety that comes across in the six warm tracks of the EP, put on excellent display in the final single, "Corvette." The song has an upbeat, almost cozy feel, even as the band explores what it means to be a man, and the pitfalls of trying to conform too closely to traditional roles. The music video also features a 1975 Stingray Corvette owned by the grandfather of the band's Connor and Kendall Wright—and even has a grandad cameo. "It was awesome to see our Grandpa get his acting chops out for the video," the band's Kendall Wright shared in a press release. "I remember getting to drive the corvette exactly one time when I was 16. I was … terrified. I know how special that car is to Grandpa K. I'm super happy we got to show it off. I hope he is too."


2. Norman Sann Tackles TikTok Fame and Misconceptions in 'Molten Chocolate Lava'

Norman Sann has quickly become one of our favorite people to follow on TikTok, with the smoothest freestyles around, but his latest original track, "Molten Chocolate Lava," is actually about what it means to be "TikTok-famous." Over the course of the song, Norman weaves his narrative with impeccable flow, describing the taste of fame he's gotten so far, and dealing with misguided perceptions he's always a rich and illustrious star. We also love the way the song rapidly changes gears past the halfway point, transforming into a vocally stunning song about being hesitant to fall back in love and have your heart rebroken. If you're not a fan yet, it's time to start paying attention.


3. Yonaka Argues With the Angel and Devil Inside in 'PANIC'

English rock band Yonaka approach everything they do with a vibrance and intensity you don't see every day, and their latest single "PANIC" perfectly encapsulates what they're all about. The song describes a panic attack and the sensation that you're losing control, capturing the experience's frenetic energy and the push and pull between the different sides of yourself as it moves between the parts of the song. While the verses have a raspy punk edge, the bright chorus feels tailor-made for epic concert singalongs. "PANIC is a song about having a panic attack and how the body gets taken over by this other entity," lead singer Theresa Jarvis explained in a press release. "I've got the angel and the devil on my shoulders constantly arguing about which road I should go down and how mental health carries a weight so heavy that it's hard to feel affected by outside dangers. But I want you to feel the lightness of the track and I want it to make you laugh because I'm literally having an argument with myself."


4. Lyn Lapid and Ruth B. Join Forces for 'Do U Really?'

We've adored Lyn Lapid ever since we were introduced to her music with 2020's "Producer Man," and with her uniquely moody and introspective approach to the pop genre, she's flourishing as both a singer and songwriter. Her latest single, "Do U Really?," recruits one of her biggest early inspirations, Canadian artist Ruth B., to create a soulful and evocative track about being suspicious of the person you're seeing, unsure of whether they've actually fallen for you, like you have for them, or if they're only in it for the short haul. "I've been a huge fan of Ruth B. ever since she was posting on Vine," Lyn shared in a press release. "I really resonated with her music and watching her transition to making music professionally after Vine inspired me to start posting my singing covers on TikTok in the first place. So when I was asked if I wanted to hop on a potential collab song with Ruth back in 2020, I freaked out. It's crazy how this song has been in the drafts since even before I released my very first single, but getting to finally finish this song and work alongside Ruth B. has been nothing but wonderful. Ruth is so talented and such a sweet person irl, and if I told my 12-year-old self who was probably binge-watching her vines in 2014 that I was gonna sing with her one day, she would have passed out."


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5. MOD SUN Throws Back to Event Albums With God Save the Teen

If you had no idea MOD SUN was dropping a new album today, that might be because he wanted to release God Save the Teen with an old-school approach, with zero singles to tease fans. His goal was to share 12 unreleased songs that actually fit together like a classic album while also creating an event around the drop, and we believe he's succeeded in a way that evokes the very best of Y2K pop-punk while still feeling fresh and distinctly MOD SUN. The songs revolve around the themes of youth and growth, and they're the best the artist has released yet. "A young person growing up in these times is something I care passionately about," MOD SUN said in a press release. "I want to be someone to help the younger generation as much as possible. The societal pressures and standards they are dealing with every day is absurd."


6. Dylan Conrique Confronts Nostalgia and Growth 'Gatekeeper'

We've never met a Dylan Conrique track we didn't love, and her latest single, "Gatekeeper," continues her streak of heartfelt and poignant tales that speak deeply to our experiences as humans. Powered by Dylan's pure and emotional vocals, the song is all about mixed feelings that come with growing up and moving on, and feeling pulled in two directions by the nostalgia of childhood memories when you know you need to grow up and become your own person. It feels like one of her most personal singles yet, and gets us very excited to see what else she has in store for us in 2023.


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7. Daniel Caesar Drops New Video for 'Do You Like Me?'

It only takes moments of listening to Daniel Caesar's sweet voice and harmonic melodies to understand why he's a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and producer, and his most recent release, "Do You Like Me?" just got even better with a seductive music video where things don't go precisely to plan. The vibrant R&B track, co-produced by legend Raphael Saadiq, is smoothly flirtatious—and just a bit naughty—making it just the thing for the month of love.


8. Anne-Marie Is Over Basking in Misery in 'Sad B!***'

Anne-Marie's new single "Sad B!***" begins with the promise that "This ain't another sad girl anthem," and over the course of two minutes, she fully lives up to her mission making the ultimate diss track against being unhappy. The new music video takes place in an abandoned theme park, perfectly suiting the song's thumping, sometimes carnival-like instrumentation, while giving Anne-Marie the perfect space to create her own happiness and leave the boredom of staying sad back in 2022.


9. JP Saxe and Camilo Team Up for Bilingual Bop 'Moderación'

We can always count on JP Saxe collabs to be innovative, unexpected and unlike anything we've heard before, and his latest release with Colombian artist Camilo, "Moderación," is no exception. Both artists' voices are so compelling and gorgeous on this new anthem for the lovesick, with lyrics in both English and Spanish simply dreaming of someone who can love them back with everything they have. After all, love isn't something you can half-give.


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10. Ellie Goulding Teases New Album With 'Like a Saviour'

We're already counting down the days until March 24 for Ellie Goulding's fifth album, Higher Than Heaven, and her new single "Like A Saviour," gives us a bewitching taste of the magic that's to come. Ellie's unique voice soars over the vibey '80s-inspired synths, bringing a bold energy while making this feel like the perfect backing track to an epic training montage. The music video is also an unforgettable work of art, with figures interpretively dancing, leaping and falling in the desert to the beat.


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