11 Covers of Songs From Olivia Rodrigo's SOUR That You HAVE to Hear

It pretty much goes without saying that a lot of people consider Olivia Rodrigo's debut album Sour to be their soundtrack for the summer—and lucky for us, SOUR is a gift that keeps on giving.

That's because, while Olivia's original versions of the tracks are flawlessly composed and sung, she's not the only one belting out these wonderful tunes. In fact, the album has inspired some gorgeous covers—and here are our very favorites for each song.

Ylenia Guitar'brutal'

There's something so raw about the guitar riffs in "brutal," making it the perfect track to kick off the album. This cover is all about highlighting how effective that instrument is within the track. It's simple, pure rock, and it really makes us want to learn how to play it ourselves.


Lynnea M.'traitor'

How angelic is Lynnea M.'s voice on this cover of "traitor"? She captures the soft heartache of this song so beautifully in her vocal, and listening to it makes us envision it being performed on a theatric stage as a ballad in a musical. If you love it, be sure to check out her other Olivia covers, too!


Our Last Night 'drivers license'

"drivers license" is the track that started it all, and we couldn't pick any old cover of the hit for this list. That's why we went with this stirring rock version from the band Our Last Night. We love how vibrant this version is and hearing the song from a guy's point of view, and the singing is absolutely phenomenal, both in the gentler sections and when it goes all out. We're obsessed.


grentperez'1 step forward, 3 steps back'

We can't get enough of Olivia Rodrigo covers from a male perspective, and this acoustic, coffee shop take on "1 step forward, 3 steps back" is another perfect example of just how well they can work. grentperez's voice is so rich and suits the song so beautifully, especially when accompanied by the sweet tones of his guitar.


Daniel'deja vu'

"deja vu" was already one of the dreamiest tracks on all of SOUR, but this magical cover by Daniel makes it feel like a lullaby. With acoustic guitar and twinkly lamellophones that give it a fairytale quality, we love the way this one makes us feel—and Daniel's swoon-worthy singing is the cherry on top.



Alexia Mariel'good 4 u' ('bien por ti' Spanish version)

Now here's something a little different—"good 4 u," but performed entirely in Spanish to become "bien por ti." Singer Alexia Mariel performs it wth such as much passion and energy as the original, and it's so flawlessly executed that we wouldn't blame you for thinking the song was always in Spanish. Brb while we learn all of the lyrics to this version.


Mikaela Astel'enough for you'

"enough for you" is one of the most relatable songs on all of SOUR, and we particularly love this down-to-earth and stripped-back acoustic cover by Mikaela Astel. It's pure and simple, reflecting the song's powerful message.


Hey It's Ely!'happier'

We love when Olivia Rodrigo's songs are mostly a showcase of her incredible vocal prowess, and "happier" is definitely one of those tracks. You can only properly cover it if you have serious vocal chops, and lucky for us, Hey It's Ely! does. Her voice if stunning, and sounds perfect against her acoustic guitar playing. The cover also won a live singing competition by vocal coach Tristan Parades, and it absolutely earned it.


Brie Larson – 'jealousy, jealousy'

Yep—even celebrities are getting in on the Olivia Rodrigo cover game. Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson, recorded an acoustic version of "jealousy, jealousy" that manages to sound just as good with just her voice and a guitar, compared to the more instrument-heavy original.



Lyn Lapid'favorite crime'

Lyn Lapid is one of our favorite rising artists at the moment, and her take on "favorite crime" is also ingenious. Her voice has so much soul, no matter what it is she's singing, and her approach to this song manages to be both quiet and epic, with the moody emotion of the song perfectly shining through.


Avery Anna'hope ur ok'

Last, but definitely not least, is this straight and simple cover of "hope ur ok." It's one of SOUR's most optimistic and hopeful, and we think its message might be strongest when the vocal is allowed to shine with only an acoustic guitar behind it. Just listen and try not to get emotional.


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