6 Amazon Items You Need If Your Resolution Was to Be More Organized

It's been weeks since we welcomed in 2023, which means we're starting to get to the point where some of us are already slacking on our New Year's resolutions.

This is nothing to feel bad about (like we said, it happens to many of us), but it could mean that it's time to start thinking of new ways to achieve those goals, even if it takes a little longer than initially expected. One popular resolution that you might be able to use some help with? "Be more organized."

Whether you're physically dealing with a backpack that's overflowing or a desk that looks like a tornado hit it, or you're struggling to keep a schedule that isn't overpacked, there are actually a few products that can help you stick to your resolution and get your life better in order. Even better, you can get them quickly, right off Amazon. To make things even easier for you, we've gone ahead and put together some of our top items from Amazon you need if your resolution was to be more organized:

1. This 4-Pack of Vanity Organizers: $12

Put your makeup sponges, cotton swabs, floss and all your other bathroom essentials away, yet within reach, in an attractive way with these bamboo lid containers.

vitever store glass apothecary jars

(via Amazon)


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2. This Gorgeous Planner: $13

Boost your productivity and stay on track by writing everything down in this handy (not to mention pretty) planner.

zicoto store simplified to do list

(via Amazon)


3. This Cord Holder to Keep Your Chargers Neatly Within Reach: $8

At less than $10, this is one game-changing product you can't pass up on. It sticks to your desk (or your bedside table—wherever you need it, really) and keeps your many cords from falling to the floor or getting tangled in a mess.

ahastyle card holders for desk

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4. These Best-Selling Fridge Organizer Bins: $24

Tired of never being able to find what you're looking for every time you open your fridge, or even just staring into an overly crowded and disorganized mess? These best-selling fridge organizer bins can solve that for you easily.

hoojo refrigerator bins

(via Amazon)


5. This Hanging Travel Makeup Organizer Bag: $25

Whether you're always on the go or just don't quite have the space to stow your ever-growing makeup collection on your counter any longer, this innovative hanging toiletry bag is just what you need to stay organized. It's just the thing for keeping all your makeup and skincare products in one easy-to-access place.

bagsmart store toiletry bag

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6. This Delicate Trinket Tray to Catch All Your Tiny Necessities: $14

Whether you use it to hold your keys or your rings, a trinket tray as pretty as this one will surely be your new favorite place to stow your frequently misplaced necessities.

Collective Home ceramic jewelry trays

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So, no matter which area of your space you need to keep more organized, Amazon surely has something to help you out. Of course, they have a bit more than that, too, so click HERE to check out our favorite Amazon products that are actually worth your money.