Here Are All of THE Best Original Holiday Songs of 2022

Holiday music is always guaranteed to put some big smiles on our faces, and if there's one thing we love more than hearing all of our favorite festive classics year after year, it's discovering fresh new tracks to expand our playlists even further.

Sure, covers are fine and dandy, but it's the brand-new approaches to the season that really makes our hearts sing. Curious about the songs we adored this year? Listen to them below!


Lorelei Marcell – 'Love Me Back'

There's something about holiday songs about heartbreak that sting so good, and with its R&B sound and relatable lyrics, Lorelei Marcell's "Love Me Back" is one of our favorites of the season. It's as smooth as it is festive, with Lorelei singing about the pain of being alone during the holidays, as well as the joyous hope that the new year brings.


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Grent Perez – 'When Christmas Comes Again'

With its chill bossa nova vibes, soaring strings and jingle bells, Grent Perez's "When Christmas Comes Again" simply has that nostalgic vibe that we always associate with the holidays. It's all about celebrating a perfect Christmas, where everything goes right, with the one you love. If you're coupled up this year, prepare for your holiday anthem.


Tkay Maidza – 'Nights In December'

Tkay Maidza's "Nights in December" is another holiday track about romance, using otherworldly synths with powerful R&B vocals to tell a story of new love in New York, all wrapped up in a wintery holiday package. We love the way it recreates a specific moment in time, and the ice skating figure in the visualizer brings the whole thing together.


CIX, cignature, EPEX, Younha and Lee Seok Hoon – 'Merry Merry Christmas'

With the incredible C9 Entertainment talent collaborating on the new holiday track "Merry Merry Christmas," it almost feels like it would be faster to list everyone who didn'lend their voice to the new song. It begins with epic horns and Christmassy bells before the vocals kick in, with a fun and fanciful sound and a video that makes us feel like the whole family is reuniting just in time for the holidays. Truly, few things are better!


Lauren Spencer Smith – 'Single on the 25th'

With an intro evoking "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," Lauren Spencer Smith's "Single on the 25th" is an anthemic, lamentful ballad about wishing for love for Christmas. If you're not too happy that you'll be single on Christmas, at least you can know that you're not the only one.


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Havanna Winter – 'Daddy's Kissing Santa Claus'

Move over, "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"—there's a new cheeky holiday track in town, and this one is way more interesting. Havanna Winter's "Daddy's Kissing Santa Claus" twists the narrative when she finds her father kissing Santa on the roof—to her mother's dismay, and her own delight. Despite all of the chaos, Havanna just wants her dad and Santa to be happy, and we love it.


Sam Smith – 'Night Before Christmas'

Now here's an instant holiday classic, if we ever heard one. Sam Smith's "Night Before Christmas" is slow and sweet, painting a perfect picture of the calm beauty of spending Christmas Eve with a loved one. Sam's voice lends itself perfectly to this gorgeous track, and we'll actually be mad if we don't hear this one everywhere during the holidays for years to come.


Rex Velvet x aespa – 'Beautiful Christmas'

Another huge K-pop Christmas collab? Yes, please! Girl groups Red Velvet and aespa joined forces for "Beautiful Christmas," a playful Christmas bop that'll get you moving, no matter where you are. Lucky for all of us, it comes with its own set of dance moves to replicate on TikTok.


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