25 Powerful Paris Jackson Lyrics to Use as Your Next Instagram Caption

With her yearning and hauntingly nostalgic approach to indie-pop, Paris Jackson has firmly established herself as one of our favorite singer-songwriters, and her lyrics are some of the best.

We love the way her songs come to life as her smooth voice glides over every melancholy line—and if you feel the same, you've come to the right place, because we gathered 25 of her best lyrics of all time to use as your next Instagram caption.

For when you're feeling like a dejected mess:

"Head hanging down, shredded evening gown."

-"let down"


For when you're slowly witnessing someone's life come apart:

"I know you're fallin' to pieces."



For when you feel like you've become invisible:

"Maybe if I turn around, you'll see me."


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For when you just want to make someone happy:

"I wanna see what you look like when your soul smiles inside."



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For when you have no plans for things going right:

"If the sun comes out tomorrow, I don't know where we'd begin."



For when the mornings always remind you of them:

"Day breaks and I miss your face once again."

-"scorpio rising"


For when you're blindsided:

"I didn't know what hit me 'til it was too late."

-"freight train"


For pretending everything's okay:

"So can we fake a smile this once?"



For when even the powers of the universe can't break your love:

"But I'll hold on if you hold on, 'cause we are cosmic."



For when knowing you'll get hurt doesn't stop you:

"You'll be my undoin' anyway."



For when your dark eyeliner matches your mood:

"Eyes painted black, a tragic paperback."

-"let down"


For when you'd rather daydream than confront the world:

Come around, drown your cries. Just come down and fantasize."



For when the dreary weather feels extra melancholy:

"The wind sings a tune of what's lost."

-"another spring"


For when you wish you could get the taste of someone out of your mouth:

"Burn my tongue out 'cause I don't wanna taste you no more."



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For when all you know is chaos:

"I was born in a fire, so all this smoke inspires me."

-"dead sea"


For when it feels like you've lost it all:

"And darling, I can't see the sun no more."

-"scorpio rising"


For when nothing else truly matters:

"All I've got is love and you and time."



For when past hurt actually brings people together:

"You told me once our broken pieces fit so well."



For when your reputation can't get any worse:

"I'm afraid that I'm lower than the floor."


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For when loneliness is like a ghost:

"Black moon dawning, phantoms appear. The memories haunt me, but I'll be right herе."



For when someone's tender care is the one thing keeping you going:

"I can't grow without your love to water my roots."



For when you know someone's bad for you, but you can't resist them:

"Your wave keeps crashing in a changeless sea and I can't help but feel its drowning me."



For when losing yourself to the music makes everything else melt away:

"Sway to the song, our hearts are groovin'."



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For when you just can't let go:

"Your scent's long gone, but your voice lingers in my heart. It echoes."



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For when someone has become completely unfamiliar to you:

"Now I don't know your name. It wouldn't matter if I did anymore."



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