The Best Part-Time Jobs to Consider While You're in School

Is your part-time summer job coming to an end, but you still want to make some extra cash during the school year?

Have no fear, Sweety High is here! We've rounded up seven part-time gigs you probably never knew were a thing.

Scroll below to discover the right one for you.

Prep Cook

Love cooking and hope to even become a chef one day? You should definitely look into becoming a prep cook. This way you get a glimpse at what it's like being a chef for a restaurant. Essentially what a prep cook does is wash, cut and measure out various ingredients that the chef needs to prepare a certain dish. It's a lot of work, but totally worth it. Plus, you'll always have something to nibble on if you get hungry.

Food ingredients that a prep cook cut up

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Front Desk Receptionist

If you have some amazing people skills, you should look into becoming a front desk receptionist at a hotel, spa, nail salon or a place you inhabit frequently. You'll definitely get some sweet benefits while working there.

Female front desk receptionist for a hotel

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Freelance Writer

Enjoy writing? Get paid to do just that by becoming a freelancer for a website you read religiously or even one you've never heard of before. You'll be able to write your assignments from the comfort of your own home or your fave coffee shop. What could be better than that?

Female typing on her laptop while sitting in the grass

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Music Reviewer

Yes, you can indeed get paid to review music. The website Slice the Pie was made just for that. Listen to music from new artists, leave your review and that's it. All you music-lovers out there should for sure look into this job.

Girl listening to music on her iPhone

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Seller on Etsy

Are you an artistic individual? Chances are you probably make paintings or jewelry or something of the sorts. Why not sell your work on Etsy? You'll be doing what you love all while making money. The policy is a bit strict for those under 18, but you're still allowed to sell under parental supervision.

Girl making jewelry

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Plant Sitter

You've heard of a babysitter, house sitter and pet sitter, but did you know a plant sitter is a thing? Indeed it is. For those who aren't big on kids or don't want the responsibility of taking care of an animal or a whole house, this job is right up your alley. All you have to do is water someone's plants while they're out of town. Bada bing, bada boom! The next time someone you know goes out of town, ask if you can plant sit.

Girl watering plants

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Children's Party Entertainer

If you really like kids, but don't want to be a regular ol' babysitter, try looking for party entertainer gigs. You can be anything from a princess or a mermaid to a clown or a magician. Which party persona will you opt for? You might have to learn how to be a stellar face painter though.

Girl painting little girls face

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Other than cash, HERE are a few reasons why having a part-time job is totally worth it.