The Products EVERY Girl Needs During Their Period

One part of womanhood that is incredible and beautiful, but is also a pain in the butt—is menstruation.

Getting our periods every month is quite truthfully a hassle, and oftentimes, hurts—a lot. So, how do we remedy the situation? Are there ways to help the process go more smoothly, or even to make us feel better? Lucky for us, the answer is yes! There are all sorts of great products out there that will help ease cramping, manage messes, calm nerves and more. Below, you'll find a list of products we think every girl needs on their period.

Get Rael First Period Kit: $48 (Originally $55)

If you or someone you know just started their period, this kit from Get Rael will cover all the bases. In terms of cleaning up, included in the kit are pads, liners, wipes and a heating patch. Also, since hormones play a big role in growing up and going through puberty, chances are, your skin will see lots of changes too. For this, the brand included face masks and acne dots. It's truly all you could ever need and we wish we had this when we first started our periods!

get rael first period kit

(via Get Rael)


Goodwipes Down There Wipes: $7.99

For some of us, periods can get messy—especially if you stick with pads. If this sounds like you, you know the struggle is real when it comes to cleaning up. Instead of having to hop in the shower multiple times a day, we suggest these wipes from Goodwipes. Specifically created for "down there," these wipes are alcohol-free, pH balanced, hypoallergenic and free of parabens. And the best part? They come in sleek, individually wrapped, wallet-sized packets that are perfect for when you're on the go.

goodwipes down there wipes

(via Goodwipes)


Pure Rosy Lacy V Bikini: $31

A lot of us girls hate wearing tampons throughout the day and especially at night. If you feel this way as well, you need to invest in some underwear from Pure Rosy. When we say it's changed our lives, we aren't exaggerating in the slightest. Basically, there's a built-in pad in their period-focused underwear, and it can absorb as much as up to three light tampons. Plus, they come in cute styles and colors, so you don't need to worry about rocking granny panties.

pure rosy period underwear

(via Pure Rosy)


Popmask London Big Hug: $12.99

If your periods often result in horrific cramps, Popmask London is here to save the day! We tried these out and they actually work. All you have to do is place the heating pad on your undies, yoga pants or whatever else you're wearing, and it will get to work on reducing your pain. The heat lasts up to 12 hours, and you will notice a vast difference in the aches and pains you typically feel.

popmask london big hug heating patches

(via Popmask London)


Paddywax Color Block Candle: $37

There's just something about a candle that sets our minds at ease. And when we're on our periods, that's when we need it most. We're especially loving this color block candle from Paddywax. Not only is it stunning, but the vanilla and violet scent combo is out of this world. Simply light this on your bedside table when you're winding down for the night, or place it next to your bath for the ultimate relaxation vibes.

paddywax color block candle

(via Paddywax)


Bathing Culture Big Dipper Mineral Bath: $30

One activity that makes us feel loads better when we have our periods is taking a bath. The warmness of the water heals our bodies, especially when it's loaded with minerals. We're currently obsessing over these salts from Bathing Culture. Featuring a mixture of jojoba oil, mineral-rich salts, green clay and more, your body will physically be able to relax and de-stress.

bathing culture big dipper mineral soak

(via Bathing Culture)


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