These Stylish Phone Chargers Will Ensure You're Never Caught With a Dead Phone

If there's one thing we can't stand, it's having our phones die at the worst possible moment. It's no fun feeling disconnected and stranded, which is why we always try to ensure our phones have enough charge for our next adventure.

Still, that's more easily said than done, and even leaving the house with a full battery doesn't ensure you'll have enough juice to get through the day. That's why having great charging devices, both at home and on the go, is essential. Below, we've gathered a few of our favorites that you're sure to love, too.

Smartish Cable Wrangler ($29.99) and Crown Joule Cable ($14.99)

If your first hurdle to ensuring your phone is always charged is a mess of cables and chargers, you should check out Smartish's Cable Wrangler. It's like a little pillow for all of your cables, with magnetism that will keep them neatly in place while they're not in use. The Cable Wrangler comes in more subdued grey and beige colors, as well as fun mint and pink colors to suit any style, and the Crown Joule charging cable (with a strong, fabric-wrapped reinforced cable) comes in matching hues to complete the look.

Smartish Cable Wrangler ($29.99) and Crown Joule Cable

(via Smartish)


Courant Mag:2 Classics: $120

And for the sleekest approach possible to at-home charging, let us introduce you to the Mag:2 Classics from Courant. It doubles as a charger and a phone stand, allowing iPhones 12 and newer to snap on magnetically as they charge, and the base can also wirelessly charge your AirPods. Even when you're not using it, it looks like a stylish and intentional piece of decor.

Courant Mag:2 Classics

(via Courant)


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Carved Circle Wireless Charger: $49

For an even simpler way to charge wirelessly, we're currently obsessed with Carved and their Circle Wireless Chargers. They're available in so many beautiful styles made with a combination of resin and real wood in their shop in Indiana, so chances are that you'll find a design you love in their shop. Plus, they're designed to charge with even thick phone cases.

Carved Circle Wireless Charger

(via Carved)


PhoneSoap Certified Lightning Cable: $5.95

Simply looking for a great charging cable that won't you down? This option from PhoneSoap might not look unique at first glance, but its antimicrobial properties make it just the thing for anyone who hates germs. It's made with a special material that self-disinfects over 24 hours, killing bacteria, fungi and many viruses, all while quickly charging your phone.

PhoneSoap Certified Lightning Cable

(via PhoneSoap)


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Mahalo Cases 2-in-1 Pink Tassel Keychain Charging Cable: $12

If you're not a fan of lugging around unsightly cables, this 2-in-1 Pink Tassel Keychain Charging Cable from Mahalo Cases was made for you. The charging cable includes both lightning and USB-C ports to work for Android and iPhone while hiding in plain sight within the tassels of the keyring. Just hook it onto your bag, and you'll never be without a cable when you need it most.

Mahalo Cases 2-in-1 Pink Tassel Keychain Charging Cable

(via Mahalo Cases)


Ayla & Co Battery Power Bank: $30

This Ayla & Co Battery Power Bank was designed especially for the brand's signature fanny pack, but its small size and huge capacity make it a great addition for tucking away in any handbag. It is a 10,000 mAh rechargeable battery, allowing for up to 10 hours of recharging your phone on the go with each charge, and it even has a display to let you know how much power is left on it.

Ayla & Co Battery Power Bank

(via Ayla & Co)


multitasky Macaron Cute Power Bank and Hand Warmer with Mirror: $70

Talk about a cute and multifunctional piece! These compact, macaron-shaped power banks from multitasky (actually two twin power banks attached together) come in sweet blush pink, mint green and beige colors while doubling as a hand-warmer, with a mirror inside for touching up your look.

multitasky Macaron Cute Power Bank and Hand Warmer with Mirror

(via multitasky)


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Velvet Caviar Nude Leopard MagSafe Battery Power Pack: $56

If you have an iPhone 12 or newer, MagSafe chargers are the way to go for foolproof charging, and Velvet Caviar has some of the cutest options we've seen. The 5,000 mAh portable battery magnetically attaches right to the phone, allowing for wireless charging, and depending on the look you choose, you can make it stand out with style or seamlessly blend in with your phone case.

Velvet Caviar Nude Leopard MagSafe Battery Power Pack

(via Velvet Caviar)


Benks MagClap On-Go Power Bank 5000mAh: $39.99

For a super lightweight and minimalist MagSafe option, try Benks and their MagClap On-Go Power Bank with 5000 mAh. It's thin and barely there, with a rounded edge to feel great in your hands, and the small design fits right on the back of your phone without getting in the way of the camera, even of the smallest models.

Benks MagClap On-Go Power Bank 5000mAh

(via Benks)


Solgaard Juicepack: $125

And if you really need some juice on the go, you might want to invest in the powerful, solar-powered Solgaard Juicepack. It comes with a massive 15,000 maH battery that gets its energy directly from the sun and features a combination of wireless charging, USB-C and USB ports so that it can charge up to four devices all at once.Solgaard Juicepack

(via Solgaard)


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