Look Like You Got a Pro Mani With These Press-On Nails

We don't know about you, but sometimes, painting our own nails can be quite the hassle.

There's always the issue of letting them dry properly, and of course one of our hands always ends up looking a little janky. That's precisely why we've come to rely on press-on nails. They've become a true life-saver, and without them, our nails would seriously be struggling. If you're sick of spending money at the nail salon or even painting your own nails, look below for our favorite press-on nails that will make it look like you got a professional manicure.

Nails of LA The Minimalist: $16

Looking for a subtle yet chic design? The Minimalist from Nails of LA is exactly what you've been looking for. Not only are they simple and stunning, but the product itself works like a charm. Instead of getting cheap press-ons from the dollar store that will only last a day, opt for a product from Nails of LA. Not only does each kit come with adhesive tabs, but glue as well. This guarantees your nails will stay on for a long time.

blush pink press on nails

(via Nails of LA)


Dashing Diva Sweet Cream Sundae: $9

Dashing Diva has been one of our go-to brands when it comes to press-on nails because of their low prices and fun designs. We're absolutely loving their Sweet Cream Sundae nails, featuring colorful cow print. These nails are in a short, square shape and something we could see ourselves wearing all spring and summer long. The press-on nature is great too, since glue tends to damage nails. Score!

cow print press on nails

(via Dashing Diva)


Color Street Spring Picnic: $13

Springtime is all about pastels, so why not snatch the Spring Picnic nails for yourself from Color Street? This brand is a bit different than most that offer press-on nails. Instead of sticking the nail on and being on your merry way, hoping it fits correctly, the guessing is completely taken out of the equation. These are meant to be filed down, shaping to your nail perfectly.

colorful plaid press on nails

(via Color Street)


Rave Nailz Butterfly Nailz: $25

Not all of us can wear stiletto nails, but if you consider yourself a pro at wearing them, you need to walk (no, run!) to Rave Nailz for this butterfly set. Multicolored butterflies sit atop the clear nail, and it makes for one gorgeous piece of art. You might be wondering why the nails are so costly, and it's because the materials used are the best, most durable ones out there. Trust us when we say it's worth the price.

clear butterfly press on nails

(via Rave Nailz)


Claire's Clouds Stilettos: $5.39 (originally $8.99!)

We used to think of Claire's as a store exclusively for kids, but lately, they've been stepping up their game that anyone can enjoy their products. Just look at how adorable these cloud nails are! They come in a short stiletto shape and feature stunning blues and whites to portray clouds. Not only are we loving the sparkle and shine aspect, but the price is hard to beat, too.

blue cloud press on nails

(via Claire's)


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