15 Cute Quotes About Pugs to Use as Instagram Captions

With their squished faces, curly tails and charming dispositions, it's no wonder that pugs are some of the most beloved dogs around.

These pint-sized dogs are both friendly and adorable, which just might be why they're plastered all over our Instagram feeds. If you also love sharing pics of your photogenic pup with the world, chances are that you're looking for the perfect caption, which is why we've gathered 15 of the best pug quotes and puns of all time in one handy list.

For the shot of your pug living it up:

"Pug life."

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For the video of your pug serenading you:

"Music induces nightingales to sing, pug dogs to yelp."

-Robert Schumann


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For when your puppy's begging for one of your chicken nuggets:

"Pugs and nugs."


For the coziest, cuddliest pic of your pug:

"Snug as a pug in a rug."


For the closeup of your puppy's adorable wrinkles:

"Honestly, he's a pug. They're supposed to be wrinkly."

Kato and the Fountain of Wrinkles, Rhys Ella

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For when your small dog makes a big mess:

"My little litterpug."


For giving your pug the biggest squeeze:

"Let's pug it out."


For the pug that's too cool to care:

"Pug-get about it."


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For the pug that just won't let go:

"Pug of war."


For when your pup's being a silly goose:

"A pug is living proof that God has a sense of humor."

-Margo Kaufman


For when they just want to be left alone:

"Pug off."

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For when your pup's ready to fight:

"Feeling pugnacious."


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For when your adorable pug gives you all the joy you need:

"Pugs, not drugs."


For the most adorable face you've ever seen:

"Look at that pug's mug."


For the sweet shot of your pug licking your face:

"Pugs and kisses."

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