Preparing For a Job Interview? Here Are the Best Questions to Ask

If you're feeling nervous about an upcoming job interview, you can at least rest assured that you're not alone.

Everyone gets a little anxious before their one-on-one with an interviewer, but you can take some of the pressure off by coming prepared to the interview. Remember to be polite and focused, not chewing gum, fiddling with your fingers too much or wearing too much strong fragrance. Try to speak confidently and avoid filler words like "like" and "um." Win them over by being yourself, being immersed in the conversation and asking the right questions to find out if it's a good fit,  before thanking them for their time.

Not sure what to ask? Here are the best questions to ask in a job interview.

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Questions to Ask About the Position You Are Applying For:

1. What characteristics should the person in this position exhibit?

2. What skills are necessary to succeed in this position?

3. What can I expect during a typical day or week in this position?

4. What unique qualities are you hoping this position can provide the company?

5. What does success look like for this particular company?

6. What are some things not to do in this position?

7. Can you tell me about the supervisor for this position?

8. What are some examples of projects I'd be accomplishing?

9. What top issues you would like this job to address?

10. What are the goals for a person in this position in the first three months?


These questions aren't just great for learning about the position and whether or not it's something you'll actually want to do and be a fit for, but also shows the interviewer that you're engaged.

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Questions About the Culture:

11. What is the environment in the company? Is the work collaborative or more independent?

12. What are the differences between good and great employees?

13. What about my resume showed you that I may be a great candidate?

14. What's different about working here than anywhere else you've worked?


Culture questions ensure that the job you're applying for will provide the right environment for you. If you're a more independent worker, more collaborative companies may not be the fit for you, and vice versa. Asking these questions also reflects well on you, since the interviewer wants a cultural fit as much as you do!

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Questions About the Evolution of the Company:

15. Where do you see this company in the next few years?

16. How has the company changed since you started here?


Remember that a job isn't just about your own day-to-day duties, but about being a part of a wider mission. Questions like these show that you're interested in the company and how you'll both grow for the future.


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