20 Memorable Quotes to Use for All Your Baseball Game Instagram Captions

If you're headed to the ballpark this summer to see your favorite team strut their stuff and score some home runs, that's definitely an experience you should share with the world.

Need a little inspiration to craft the perfect Instagram caption? Just keep scrolling to find the best iconic quotes for your stadium snapshots, field photos and more.

For when you're deeply inspired by the game:

"How can you not be romantic about baseball?"

-Billy Beane, Moneyball


For that photo of you in your favorite team's gear:

"Baseball was, is, and always will be, to me the, best game in the world."

-Babe Ruth


For when you're just turning your mind off and enjoying the game:

"Man, this is baseball. You gotta stop thinking."

-Benny, The Sandlot


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For that photo of the field:

"Field of dreams."


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For that photo of your game-time meal:

"Life is better at the ballpark."


For that photo of you watching from the stands:

"Major League fun."


For the selfie with your S.O. at the game:

"Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good, too."

-Yoga Berra


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For when a triple is way more fun to watch than a home run:

"The triple is the most exciting play in baseball."

-Hank Aaron


For that photo of the dugout:

"In a league all your own."


For that photo of the opposing team:

"Respect all, fear none."

-Myndret C. "Meine" Busack


For when the score'almost even:

"Baseball is like a poker game. Nobody wants to quit when he's losing; nobody wants you to quit when you're ahead."

-Jackie Robinson

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For that photo of a home run:

"Going, going, gone."


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For when the game becomes a communal experience:

"Baseball is like church. Many attend, few understand."

-Leo Durocher


For when your team doesn't win, but there's always the next game:

"In baseball, there's always the next day."

-Ryne Sandberg


For that photo of a strikeout:

"Every strike brings me closer to the next home run."

-Babe Ruth


For that seventh-inning stretch photo:

"It ain't over 'til it's over."

-Yogi Berra

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For the game that truly brings everyone together:

"The other sports are just sports. Baseball is a love."

-Bryant Gumbel


For that photo of the final score:

"There's no crying in baseball."

A League of Their Own


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For the shot of you celebrating with the people who show you that baseball is so much more than just a sport:

"Baseball, it is said, is only a game. True. And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona."

-George Will


For when it seems like every one of your pics these days is at a stadium:

"Baseball was one-hundred percent of my life."

-Ty Cobb


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