The 5 Best Reasons to Get Into a Relationship

Getting into a relationship is exhilarating, fun, life-changing and also scary.

While on the outside it may seem like nothing more than having someone to do things with, being coupled up isn't all that simple. Sure, you do have that built-in companionship should you need plans on a Friday night or a date to your aunt's wedding—and you've got someone to cheer you on during a big competition, but there's plenty of sacrifice and often times heartbreak that goes into dating someone exclusively.

Think you're really ready for a significant other? Find out if your interest in having one matches the five best reasons to get into a relationship below:

1. You Anticipate the Thrill of Putting Yourself in Uncomfortable and Vulnerable (Yet Rewarding) Situations

As mentioned above, being in a relationship is much more than romantic, hand-holding strolls through the park (or campus). Having a significant other requires you to be open and honest with them in a different way than you'd be with anyone else. To make things work well, it'll require a lot of trust and sometimes discomfort.

You may have to dig up things about your past that you don't normally address. This person will know more about you than just how well you do in school and where you hang out on weekends. They're going to know your habits (both good and bad). They'll know your quirks (and hopefully grow to fall in love with them).

If you look forward to putting yourself out there in exchange for potentially developing a deep, meaningful connection with someone, then that's a huge reason to get into a relationship.

Riverdale's Betty and Jughead kiss

(Riverdale via The CW)


2. You're Independent

Just because you're independent doesn't mean you necessarily love being alone. Being independent means you don'depend on someone else to create your happiness. It means you don't rely on anyone for plans on a Friday night, for example. It generally means you have a good relationship with yourself.

If you feel like this is you, it's by far one of the best reasons to share your life with someone else. It means you're able to separate the dynamic you have with another person from the relationship you have with you. It means that you likely won't ditch all your friends the second you start dating someone exclusively. It also means if the relationship goes sour, you'll still be able to find value and fulfillment in other areas of your life.


3. You Simply Want to Share Your Life With Someone

Did you make the cheer squad? Did your dog pass away? For both good times and bad, having someone who cares about you in a different way than anyone else is truly a special thing. Sure, having your mom's comfort or your best friend's advice is wonderful, but having a partner who can cheer you up during even the darkest of days is incomparable to anything else.

If you want someone you can call at any given hour because they genuinely want to know about the latest invention you came up with in your sleep, that's a positive reason to want a relationship. But this is a give-and-take situation, and when you desire someone to invest this much in your day-to-day life, you must be ready to provide the same in return.

Betty kissing Jughead's cheek

(Riverdale via The CW)


4. You Don't Want to Date Around

Some girls embrace the single life. They may enjoy spending time with this person or that person, but they don't want to commit to them, for fear of someone better coming along. They love the idea of not being tied down and being able to drop everything on a whim to hang out with someone new. If this is not you, and you much prefer the idea of being committed to one individual, this is a sign that you're ready to be in a relationship.

There shouldn't be any concern that you'll have a wandering eye or quickly lose interest. If you know you're able to commit to one person, and you find the idea of dating a bunch of different people stressful, then go for the gold and seek out a partner!


5. You See a Future With Someone

As we've stated in the past, age ain't nothin' but a number—which means it's never too early to get serious about your future. Some girls just want to have fun right now (which is totally fine!), but if you've set your sights on someone who has the same values as you and wants the same things out of the greater part of life as you, then you shouldn't stop yourself from going for it, even if starting a family, a business or whatever it is seems way out in the distance from now.

Granted, people change and go in different directions as they mature, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give this person a chance and see where things lead.

bughead on the floor

(Riverdale via The CW)


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