The Sagittarius Traits Every Other Sign Should Emulate

We can all learn a lot from adventure-loving Sagittarius.

The sign is ever-optimistic and endlessly curious, and they can't keep their positivity and generosity to themselves. Continue reading to find out Sag's five best traits that each and every sign should try to emulate.

Open to New Things

Sagittarius is well-known for the sign's willingness to try just about everything. They thrive on the chance to live through new experiences, which is why they love travel and the opportunity to get familiar with something unknown. They love exploring novel concepts and discovering new things before anyone else beats them to the punch. They're also extremely adaptable. While others shy away from change, they tend to embrace it with open arms. They're driven by their curiosity, and they're attracted to fresh takes and original thoughts.


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Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are almost always up for an adventure. They're outgoing, independent and a little bit out there, and their willingness to take risks means there are few journeys that can truly intimidate them. They're excitement-seekers, and they have many diverse interests because they can get bored easily and they prefer to stay on their toes. They're passionate about all of their endeavors, and they love to be on the go because they can't stand being tied down.



No sign is better known for their honesty and straightforwardness than Sagittarius. They'll pretty much always say what's on their mind, often without considering their audience or weighing out the consequences of their words. While the sign could use a bit of tact, the other signs could benefit from leaning further into that truthfulness. Instead of hiding how you really feel or skirting around what you want to say, just come out and say it.


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Sagittarius is all about positive thinking. They see the world at its very best, and they truly believe in others' ability to live up to their full potential. They're sincere and friendly, and their happiness and upbeat attitudes are infectious. Because they always hope for the best, they also go after what they want and aren't afraid to put everything on the line for the rewards they seek. This optimism makes them quote generous, to boot.



Sagittarians are deep thinkers. They love waxing philosophical on basically any topic they can wrap their minds around, often getting lost in trains of thought. Because of this, they're rarely superficial people. Their curious natures drive them to explore all kinds of ideas. When you see a Sagittarius deep in thought, you never quite know if they're pondering the meaning of life, scheming up some big imaginative idea, or simply daydreaming about what they're going to have for lunch.

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