13 Savory Donut Flavors Guaranteed to Make You Drool

Sweet donuts are good, but you want to know what's even better—savory.

If you've ever had a satisfyingly salty donut, you know it's a nice shock to your taste buds. Some of the most popular savory donuts have things like bacon, cheese… even jalapeño!

Are you drooling a little bit? Then you might want to scroll below to see just 13 of the most enticing flavor combinations in existence.

Bacon Maple Donut

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Cheddar Pancetta Corn Bread Donut


Peanut Butter & Jelly Donut ????


Jamaican Curry Donut


Goat Cheese and Onion/Bacon Jam Donut


Grilled Cheese Donut

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Fried Chicken Donut


Hot Dog Donut


Pizza Donut


Queso Donut

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Maple Pancake Donut Stuffed With Eggs and Bacon

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Burger Donut


Cheese, Apple and Truffle Oil Donut

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